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To All You Gamers Blaming The Fans For Poor DmC: Devil May Cry Sales

An eGamer journalist revisits the DmC: Devil May Cry saga to provide a general outlook on those who blame fans for poor sales, and why in this context it was extremely wrong to criticize the fans for bad sales performance using three main points. (Culture, DmC: Devil May Cry)

Snookies12  +   564d ago
Quite a few fans of the series didn't buy it because it was not Devil May Cry. :\
It could have been a good game, it could have been a great game, but it wasn't Devil May Cry. They should have just named this something else as a new IP. It would have sold much better than trying to act like it was something it wasn't.
Vettur  +   563d ago
I understand that, but I felt that a lot of fans refused to buy the game because of this. Since it was a really far away from the original roots, they would not buy it, even though they would probably enjoy it. In my opinion, people should have given it a bit more chance. I really enjoyed it, and im sure a lot of others would as well.
RyuX19  +   564d ago
Great article!

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