Penny for your Thumbs?...

I had this thought shortly after eating some bad yogurt and having a fight with my boss, how would it be possible to generate more income to do what I enjoy, playing games. Granted this isn’t the most original Idea as this is the bane of the gaming community. It was the second part of my thought that I’m sure most of you will agree with. The increasing prices of games these days are forcing the gaming community to do several things: Work even harder to afford these titles which results in less gaming; wait for the hype and price to drop, at this point no one is playing this game any longer and you just wasted your time and money… and your friends laugh at you because they’re already on the next best thing; or worst of all, stepping out of our caves to realise the sun is actually our friend.

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Fr0zeBud2110d ago

Great idea but will be tricky to implement as there are so many gamers out there, but I'm sure they can start something like this for extra content for Games or DLC.

ziggurcat2110d ago

"The increasing prices of games these days..."

games haven't increased this generation - they were $40 to $60.

and games were upwards of about $100 in the 80's/90's... so if anything, they've gone down in price.