Xbox Ultimate Sale March 4th: Beat-Em-Ups

Today is the final day for the Xbox sale and it’s completely fighting focused.

A few potential steals in here

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Father Murder X2108d ago

Anybody got any impressions of Mortal Kombat vs. DC? Is it worth 5 dollars?

SDF Repellent2108d ago

It is not the deepest fighting game but it is pretty entertaining if you are a fan of DC and/or MK. Definitely worth $5 IMO. I just bought it yesterday.

Jek_Porkins2108d ago

Pretty good actually, I mean for $5 it's definitely worth it. Although it isn't as good as the newest MK game.

jdktech20102108d ago

Yea I'm debating....

I'm not a huge fighting game pro or even novice but I'm looking at injustice godsa mong us....

So it's injustice for 45 after gift cards or mk vs dc for 5....maybe both I guess lol

Bimkoblerutso2108d ago

Pretty much what SDF said. It's not really a competitive fighting engine, but it's good for the DC fanservice.

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SJPFTW2108d ago

Street Fighter 4. Arguably the best fighting game of this generation.

Father Murder X2108d ago

Thanks. I guess I will pick it up.