PlayStation 4: All confirmed games, release dates

PCG published a list with all confirmed games and release dates for PS4.

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abzdine1784d ago

release dates are pure speculation until Sony announces it officially.

PS4isKing_821784d ago

Exactly. We'll find out alot more info at E3 and other trade shows as the year goes on. Not believing any of these "fishing for hits" articles unless its direct from Sony.

CustardTrout1784d ago

Don't even know when the console is out yet...

Ezio20481784d ago

Damn right..!
Though I am eager to try Watch Dogs (and get another look at Deep, I am sceptical if the release date is booked for this year. O_0

BLAKHOODe1784d ago

This picture article is a waste of time. None of the "release dates" are specific, but instead labeled as "Launch", "tba" or "2014". Other than that, it's merely speculating rumored games that might come out for PS4, like Uncharted 4 and Fallout. Don't waste your time.

Gamerbeyond1784d ago

every dick and jane game store can "create" their own release dates but it wont be legit until the publisher (sony computer entertainment) gives the actual release date.

Rockefellow1784d ago

What a droll, pointless article.

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