Major Magnet Review [Capsule Computers]

Joe Morgan of Capsule Computers writes,

"The iOS game scene contains a vast variety of titles ranging from the simple, mundane fare that sneaks by every day to the exquisite, rare gem of a game that should pop up on everyone’s radar. PagodaWest’s Major Magnet makes some bold claims with their tagline: “Faster than SONIC. Braver than MARIO. And just a wee bit clumsy – Meet MAJOR MAGNET the world’s most unlikely hero!” Is Major Magnet indeed a name worthy to fit alongside the likes of Sonic and Mario, or should he be destroyed in the hottest fires of the nearest industrial furnace? Let’s find out."

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masterabbott2110d ago

looks like a sonic style game. i might pick this up as its only 99c

ManDemon2108d ago

True, it's been a while since there was a good Sonic game.