Bungie to Rectify Fan's Wiped 360

Halo house Bungie tells Next-Gen that it is working on something super-secret to rectify a situation that saw the Xbox 360 repair service wipe the nostalgia from one fan's console.

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Dont Panic3858d ago

...nice to see some decent people still exist.

SeNiLe9113858d ago

but the real story is, was it really wiped clean? I hope they investigate before giving the kid the world.

AmpedMan3858d ago

Agreed, another reason why Bungie is so popular.

For their ARG, the people who opened the first two servers received prize packages like T-Shirts and posters, while the people who opened the last 3 received nothing... until Bungie stepped in an politely asked Microsoft to pander to their most hardcore fans.

permutated3858d ago

I love how stories like this don't get any comments, but the ones about the RROD have +200 comments in less than 20 minutes.

Goes to show you that people want to complain, and nothing more.

Good for this kid, I'm glad that Bungie recognized his enthusiasm and didn't blow him off because he had to mod his console to keep it alive.

callahan093858d ago

Yay for Bungie! That's nice of them.

callahan093858d ago

This is the first time I've ever publicly questioned someone's "disagree" vote... but seriously. What's to disagree with? It's not nice of Bungie?

If you'd like, I could revise it to: "Boo Bungie! (But it was a nice gesture)"

PR0NE3857d ago

i don't see why you got the first disagree...
but i have just added one, loool, just for fun..
anyway it is nice to see devs cater to their fans.

PS: if you agree with, hit the disagree button... and if you disagree, you also use the same button...