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Submitted by SethAFitzgerald 1000d ago | opinion piece

Why Now is a Good Time to Buy a PS3

TGBuzz: With Sony’s February conference the site for unveiling their PlayStation 4, it seems everyone has had their eye on nothing but a new console. Despite the PS4′s upcoming release date, critics say now is the best time to buy a PS3. (PS3, Sony)

Thepharaoh  +   1000d ago
Because its a ps3
j-blaze  +   1000d ago
i say save your money for PS4 since there only few good ps3 exclusives, you can play them on PS4 via Gaikai or buy them from PS store
hennessey86  +   1000d ago
If you haven't already got one
Well damn your missing some great games
zewabbit  +   1000d ago
Personally I don't think I have.
Some of the best games I have played this gen have been cross-platform.
kenshiro100  +   1000d ago
So you wouldn't buy one for the exclusives? You're either trolling or you're completely out of your mind.
zewabbit  +   1000d ago
How so? The only game I have wanted to play that's an exclusive is Heavy Rain.That alone isn't enough to make me want to spend so much on it this late in the day!

I genuinely don't like games like Resistance, Uncharted and God of War on the 360(Played Res/Unchart on my housemates PS). Likewise, I'm not a fan of Gears of War either. They just don't interest me.

As for racing games, I used to love Gran Turismo, but as of GT4 I just got a little bored by the series and decided to give Forza a go instead - and later games like Dirt on the PC.

For me personally, some of the most enjoyable games have been cross-platform games, so if I already own a PC and a 360 I don't see the point in getting a PS several months short of the PS4 release!

Edit: The only exclusives I have played on the xbox in recent years have been Halo and Fable. I only bought those because I already owned the console. I wouldn't have got one specially.
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boldstarr  +   1000d ago
Bubble down for you troll!!!

PS3 is the best out of 3 consoles!!!
thrust  +   1000d ago
@boldstarr I bubbled you down for being so stupid, in your opinion the ps3 is the best! Nothin more or less!
kenshiro100  +   1000d ago
Well, to each their own but the PS3 is the best investment I ever made in gaming and when the time comes, I'm getting a PS4 too.
kreate  +   999d ago
Yup! Who cares about exclusives, they suck ... /s

Even though there's another wave of high profile exclusives coming out on ps3.

Typical troll response w a nice spin.

Doubt u'll get a ps4 either cuz their line-up of exclusives wouldnt interest u either.

Who wants to play killzone/infamous? Not this guy.
zewabbit  +   997d ago
@boldstarr - your clearly the troll here. Logic doesn't seem to work with you - or any fanboy of any console.

I wouldn't mind a PS4 for watchdogs, but it it comes out on PC i'll just get it on there for better graphics and possible modding.
fsfsxii  +   1000d ago
GOW3 only is a good reason to buy it.
Majors  +   1000d ago
Great Game BUT there are better available.
fsfsxii  +   1000d ago
Yeah, i mentioned that its a good reason to buy the console.
ShaunCameron  +   999d ago
As far as hack-and-slash action games go, like what?

In that genre there are few games better than God Of War 3.
Bladesfist  +   1000d ago
recently bought mine but I am waiting for my hard drive frame (i hate that sony did not include this in the 12gb model) to arrive before setting it up.
Bladesfist  +   1000d ago
How can you logically disagree with my comment is beyond me. Sony does not include a mounting bracket in the super slim 12gb. It's a petty attempt of making the models that include a HDD worth more by selling stuff that should be inside the console to begin with. It would be like buying a pc case and not getting mounting brackets with it.
kreate  +   999d ago
Than buy the one that comes w it?
WarThunder  +   1000d ago
GT5 and MGS4 were the reasons i bought the PS3 then i discovered many great games on the PS3.

If they release GT6 on PS3 i will buy PS3 again :D

If until now you haven't bought a PS3 then you are missed a lot of fantastic games....
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Majors  +   1000d ago
If you haven't bought a PS3 by now then you missed out on some awesome gaming with awesome exclusives.
Now there is no excuse not to own one for the price they are ATM. Bargain!!
SatanSki  +   1000d ago
My PS3 just cought YLOD and died. Im not gonna buy new one and am just waiting for nextgen though
Jek_Porkins  +   1000d ago
If you've waited this long to get a PS3 or Xbox 360, I'd suggest just saving that $300 and put it towards a next gen console when they release in November. I think it'd be better to start at the beginning of a console cycle then to get into it at the very end.
green  +   1000d ago
I agree. I don't own a PS3 but instead of getting it now, i am going to buy a PS4. The beginning of a new consoles life is usually low in titles so will use PS4 streaming service to catch-up on PS3 games like Uncharted and God of War.
Darrius Cole  +   1000d ago
Now (March 04, 2013) is a terrible time to buy a PS3. We all but know that there is a price cut coming in, at most, a few months but that price cut hasn't happened yet. Buying a PS3 now instead of 2 or 3 months from now would be wasting money.

The author of this article agrees with me. He titled his article "Why Now is a Good Time to Buy a PS3", but then in the body of that article he goes on to say, "If you haven’t picked up a PS3 just yet, or if you’re planning on getting one, my advice to you would be to wait a few months." Gaming needs better journalists.
ZILLA  +   1000d ago
jagstatboy  +   1000d ago
HAHA, title of article: "Why Now is a Good Time to Buy a PS3"

Last paragraph of same article: "If you haven’t picked up a PS3 just yet, or if you’re planning on getting one, my advice to you would be to wait a few months."
SethAFitzgerald  +   1000d ago
Because the price drop will come in a month or so. The title says "now" meaning close to the PS4 release, as in why it is still worth buying one.
Darrius Cole  +   1000d ago
You should change the wording of your title.

Now doesn't mean close to the PS4 release. "Now" means, immediately, today, this hour, this minute, this second, this moment... now.

Putting the word "Now" in your title leads the reader to think that they should immediately go buy a PS3. That is not what you mean. You mean that they should prepare now and be ready to buy a PS3 after its price is cut which should be in a few months.

You expressly don't want the reader to buy a PS3 now. You want the reader to let "now" pass by and to purchase a PS3 later, which is the opposite of now.
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sdozzo  +   1000d ago
I own two. Time to start selling. I want a ps4!
plaZeHD  +   1000d ago
The Last Of Us only is great enough to make me buy a PlayStation 3. I would rather go for The Last Of Us + PlayStation 3 than PlayStation 4 - Backwards compatible.
Darrius Cole  +   1000d ago
Which is why I expect the PS4 models that are sold on launch day to be backward compatible. The PS3 lineup will be very strong this holiday. Sony is not going to want to screw up the PS4 launch by having the most dedicated Playstation fans, people who buy new Playstation models at launch day, deciding to buy PS3's instead.

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