The Rarest Nintendo 64 Game

"What N64 game makes a seller charge a $1,500 price tag and was only distributed as a rental in Blockbuster? This game."

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zeal0us2113d ago

I wonder how much a copy of Superman64 that never been open cost?

fistok2113d ago

I found it $70 a few years ago...

darthv722113d ago

are usually based on desire by collectors. The collecting market for retro games has been going up lately. I am not sure if it is due to the influx of demand of the physical copies of the games that are on services like VC and PSN/XBLA.

i know that i have several games that i paid really low for over the last few years that have tripled or even quadrupled in their collector value.

I have one in particular that i know would be worth significantly more if i could find the cart. I have the complete case/manual for the game MUSHA but (i think) my brother has the cart.

For just the case/manual will fetch a decent price but I want the complete package in my collection again.

N0S3LFESTEEM2113d ago

I remember seeing sculpters cut when I was younger at either a Winn dixie or Albertsons back when they did rentals. I've even seen it pretty recently with the box at a local flea market for $10 but shrugged it off. I'll definitely pick it up next time I see it if their going for $100-200 without the box. I don't know why anyone would pay that much for it even in mint condition considering how horrid it is to play it.

ApolloTheBoss2113d ago

Wow. Never even heard of that one.

eferreira2113d ago

I have this clayfighter version. Wasn't worth much until the last two years. Im like 70 percent comeplete for an entire n64 collection

profgerbik2113d ago

I remember playing that a lot on the N64. Still collector or not I am not paying $1,500 for a cartridge that basically will do nothing.

At least the vintage instruments I buy can still be used. Of course you could still play the game but cmon.. it ain't worth $1,500.

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