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The Rarest Nintendo 64 Game

"What N64 game makes a seller charge a $1,500 price tag and was only distributed as a rental in Blockbuster? This game." (Retro)

zeal0us  +   813d ago
I wonder how much a copy of Superman64 that never been open cost?
fistok  +   813d ago
I found it $70 a few years ago...
darthv72  +   813d ago
rarity and price
are usually based on desire by collectors. The collecting market for retro games has been going up lately. I am not sure if it is due to the influx of demand of the physical copies of the games that are on services like VC and PSN/XBLA.

i know that i have several games that i paid really low for over the last few years that have tripled or even quadrupled in their collector value.

I have one in particular that i know would be worth significantly more if i could find the cart. I have the complete case/manual for the game MUSHA but (i think) my brother has the cart.

For just the case/manual will fetch a decent price but I want the complete package in my collection again.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   813d ago
I remember seeing sculpters cut when I was younger at either a Winn dixie or Albertsons back when they did rentals. I've even seen it pretty recently with the box at a local flea market for $10 but shrugged it off. I'll definitely pick it up next time I see it if their going for $100-200 without the box. I don't know why anyone would pay that much for it even in mint condition considering how horrid it is to play it.
ApolloTheBoss  +   813d ago
Wow. Never even heard of that one.
eferreira  +   813d ago
I have this clayfighter version. Wasn't worth much until the last two years. Im like 70 percent comeplete for an entire n64 collection
profgerbik  +   813d ago
I remember playing that a lot on the N64. Still collector or not I am not paying $1,500 for a cartridge that basically will do nothing.

At least the vintage instruments I buy can still be used. Of course you could still play the game but cmon.. it ain't worth $1,500.
josephayal  +   813d ago
$1,500? I hope this game has Multiplayer
vork77  +   813d ago
by rare do you mean rare the company lol
MasterD919  +   813d ago
Aren't most of these available now in ROM form?
just-joe  +   813d ago
I'll say it now, I hate these games with a passion. Ever since the first one.

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