Call of Duty Co-Creator Jason West Has Left His New Studio

Jason West, a co-creator of Call of Duty and co-founder of video game studio Respawn Entertainment, has left the company he helped found, two sources have informed Kotaku. The departure was amicable.

West, who left because of family issues, has been gone since last May, according to one reliable source who asked not to be named.

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aviator1891695d ago

since last may??
wow, that's a long time.

Blaze9291694d ago

I forgot all about this company. At this point in time, safe to say the game they are working on is for next-gen systems.

Lavalamp1695d ago

If family issues were a factor in his departure, I hope everything turns out fine for him.

joab7771694d ago

I do too. It is odd though that he left for good and didnt take a leave or stay on to consult. Must be more to it. Maybe he just didnt want to make games anymore and his settlement made sure he didnt have to. They wete a great team but i have confidence in the new ip.

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XboxInnovation1695d ago

He's been gone since last May? That was right after Activision settled with them and paid them like 40 million dollars. Coincidence?

porkChop1695d ago

No one knows exactly how much they settled for, but it was a lot of money. The lawsuit started at around $40m, but quickly escalated into hundreds of millions. Activision reportedly put aside $1b to pay them if Activision lost. Shortly after, they announced a settlement, and both West and Zampella walked into the court room with big smiles on their faces. So I really doubt it was only $40m.

CraigandDayDay1695d ago

I would have a HUGE smile on my face if I was getting "only" $40 million. LoL. But I agree they probably ended up with much more.

Megaton1695d ago

His family is ballin' outta control on that settlement money. It has become a bit of an issue.

mistertwoturbo1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

If I won a settlement and got $40 mil, I'd quit too and eventually go do something else with my life.

But if it is family issues, then it is a different matter and best of luck to him.

ravinash1694d ago

$40 mill, I'd go off and spend more time with my family too.

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torchic1695d ago

man that sucks, family issues are never a good thing to carry around on a daily basis, can't imagine the stress it must've caused him. I wish him and his family all the best.

I also hope the studio is nearing Alpha stage so that this doesn't really affect the game.

been waiting for this for a really long time!

The_Klank1695d ago

Seemingly there has been no impact on the game. It'll be at E3.

Chard1695d ago

Interesting, a google search confirmed what you just said, but I never saw it on N4G. You'd think this would be big news, but obviously it's more important to report on Wii U doom articles on the main page.

animegamingnerd1694d ago

@Chard one the reasons why i want these wii u doom or any other console doom articles to die this that they get more attention then actual news

torchic1694d ago


that's good news, but a studio is never going to come out and say that a major departure has effected the games so I guess we'll never know


well said.

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The story is too old to be commented.