New Super Luigi U Discussion - Thoughts & Impressions

GameXplain: "We talk all about New Super Luigi U in our latest video discussion! Join us as we explore what new elements we hope the game introduces, how much it might cost, and what's up with that World Map?"

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Eternalb2114d ago

I hope the World Map is new!

guitarded772114d ago

If I remember correctly, they said the world map won't change... just the levels.

GreenRanger2114d ago

Chicks dig a guy in green.

jakmckratos2113d ago

Yeah bro...that's why they replaced your suit with a white one..

ozzywazzy2114d ago

Meanwhile at Nintendo HQ..

"Our system is tanking and our brand is slowly failing. Ideas people!?"

"Umm use luigi."


PopRocks3592114d ago

Question; if you hate Nintendo and the Wii U so much, why do you keep coming to the articles in the Wii U section?

xursz2114d ago

I hate to say but I agree with you. Not to hate on Nintendo but I think people are getting bored seeing the same thing over and over. 'X' looks very promising.

DivineAssault 2113d ago

But it's the year of Luigi! Lol omg.. What's wrong with them? They need new leaders in that company

stage882114d ago

You're kidding right...

They've milked poor old Mario so much so that he's on his life support machine so now it's time for Luigi. Sorry bro, it's going to be a tough ride.

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