Real Racing 3: Can free-to-play work for a hardcore racing game?

Guardian - Fans have been waiting for Real Racing 3 since it was first shown off in the summer of 2012, and then again at Apple's iPhone 5 launch event in September.

Yet since publisher EA confirmed that the game would be free-to-play, fans have also been worrying about whether freemium mechanics would spoil the gameplay.

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DERKADER1688d ago

Hardcore Racing ≠ Mobile Device
Hardcore Racing = Wheel & Pedals

2pacalypsenow1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

gran turismo is a really hard game its as hardcore as it gets on a console with or without steering wheel , But a game only on iOS will never be hardcore

lovegames7181688d ago

This game got like a 1 rating Smh lol

Skate-AK1688d ago

Haha hardcore on a touch screen.

saoco1687d ago

I downloaded this game on my iPad. It ain't shit. But it was free.