Nintendo Should Partner With Former Rare Employees to Make a Donkey Kong 64 Sequel on 3DS

GenGAME writes: There’s been an unusually high amount of news in recent months in regards to both current and former Rare employees wishing they could return to that kind of work. Meanwhile, as evidenced by the strong sales of Donkey Kong Country Returns and the fact that Nintendo is porting the game to the 3DS, there’s still a lot of potential for future Donkey Kong games.

As one of the highest rated and best-selling games on the N64, Donkey Kong 64 is just begging to have a sequel made, and the old Rare staff is just the team to do it.

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Snookies122117d ago

I would buy that day one...

DarkBlood2116d ago

hell id would get a wiiu version of the sequal which i want more then the handheld though i own both

morkendo232116d ago

Not only for 3DS but wii-U as well that'll be day one buy.

Ilovetheps42116d ago

I wish they would make a sequel to this game. Donkey Kong 64 was a ton of fun. It's a shame we weren't able to see more of the 3D games.

kirbyu2116d ago

I'd rather them make a remake because I never got to play the original.

Tewi-Inaba2116d ago

Wasn't that good in the grand scheme
I'd rather have a Banjo Kazooie/Toowie remake than DK64
but that's just me

and Banjo Threeie.
I think the whole world will agree when I say we can ignore that Rare made that abomination Banjo on the 360

kirbyu2116d ago

I don't have any non-Nintendo consoles, so I don't get why everyone hates that game so much. Could you please explain it to me. Was it just that nobody liked how different it was from the N64 games.

Tewi-Inaba2116d ago uhlMs

Here's an explanation to why Banjo on 360 sucked

Erimgard2116d ago

Hopefully it will come to the Virtual Console.

Summons752116d ago

Ill take a donkey kong 64 sequel but on the wiiu

just-joe2116d ago

Rare can only have permission to make games on Nintendo handhelds, sadly.

Erimgard2112d ago

Rare doesn't own Donkey Kong.

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