PS4 presentation will be hosted by Sony at GDC

The talk, entitled 'Overview of PS4 for Developers', "will discuss the technology from a development standpoint as well as from the design side."

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GiantFriendlyCrab2087d ago

will sony bring last guardian this time?

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2087d ago

Not unless they're also talking about the PS3 in that same presentation.

b163o12087d ago

I'm pretty sure they will talk about the PS3, and what it's done at GDC. The PS4 is what everyone's going to interested in, cause people are ready to see what it'll look like, and get there hands on it. I'm interested to see what TLG has offer as far as gameplay but I'd be lying if I told you I was excited about this game....

DwopeMunky2087d ago

Radio 1 Lethal reference

I agree

sinncross2087d ago

hmm I am sure Sony will announce at least one new game at this event. Probably nothing on the profile of a Santa Monica or Naughty Dog title, perhaps something like a digital game (which to be honest would be good if Sony details more about the PSN functionality for the PS4)

Maybe some more Knack... I want to see more of that.

Genuine-User2087d ago

Says no one from Sony.
The world wide president of Playstation confirmed TLG was still in development about a month ago.

Donnieboi2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

This event is for game developers, not a show for fans. Maybe they'll show some games, but I doubt they'll reveal anything new there. Wait for E3 for something like that.

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NateCole2087d ago

And here i thought it would be hosted by Kevin Butler.

kingrev2087d ago

Agreed but what if they are saving him for E3? That would be nuts!

b163o12087d ago

Sony's going with a different advertising agency, so it's goodbye for Mr. Butler.

kingrev2087d ago

You are right, completely forgot about them changing agency plus there was some trouble with him in the past aswell, its a shame at the end because that speech he did in E3 was just epic.

brave27heart2087d ago

Dont think it'll show anything new since its aimed at developers and they'll want any new announcements to come at a bigger event.

Root2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Well they could show off one new new detail isn't going to hurt. Even a tease of what the design will be like or a new feature. Long as they keep the big guns for E3 then they are fine

GribbleGrunger2087d ago

Bare in mind that this is the Games Developers Conference. It's usually very technically orientated and not focused that heavily on games. We may (may) see 'some' new info come out of this, but nothing more than a snippet or two.

mistertwoturbo2087d ago

Yeah hopefully we'll see some good developer insights on the hardware. And who knows, maybe we'll at least get some confirmed specs on the CPU speed.

torchic2087d ago

thank you!

it's even alluded to in the article that Sony will have a stronger focus with the developers of PS4 software, but 96% of the commentors are hoping for new game reveals wtf!

what's this world coming to, where people hardly read the article they're commenting on? shameful!

AngelicIceDiamond2087d ago

Some refreshed info on PS4 doesn't hurt. Hopefully they Talk about Killzone Infamous a little more.

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