5 Reasons Why San Andreas is Still the Greatest Grand Theft Auto

We all know San Andreas is a great game, but Flynn from gives you five reasons why he thinks it is still the greatest Grand Theft Auto of all time. Is he right?

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plaZeHD1963d ago

It can let you do almost everything. As simple as that.

HBK6191963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

'I’m going to give the award to San Andreas, mainly because I cannot stand 80’s music. Forget Motley Crue, Corey Hart, or Flock of Seagulls; I’ll take Soundgarden and Dr. Dre any day.'

Jeez, someone needs to get a lesson in music. 80's music>Any era music.

I'll quickly bullet point the 5 reasons Vice City is not only the best GTA, but the best game ever.

Best Main Character
Best Soundtrack
Best Story
Best Vehicles
Best Setting

Done and done. Vice City>Any game ever made.

BitbyDeath1963d ago

Vice City is my favourite as well.
No other GTA game is as memorable as the scene where you take over the mansion.

black9111963d ago

GTA4 was GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!

San Andreas was my favorite aswell. But 80's music destroys 90's anyday. Michael Jackson Thriller Enough said.