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Submitted by BrashGames 1074d ago | opinion piece

Can Graphics Sell the Next-Gen?‏

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "I crave innovative gameplay and new ideas as much as the next guy, but come on, who isn’t excited to see just how pretty games are going to be running on the new hardware from Sony and Microsoft. Sure, iOS is convenient and yes, the current gen still looks pretty great, but there’s still something to be said for a new product that can, on a purely visual level, blow your bloody socks off". (PS4, Xbox One)

GalacticEmpire  +   1074d ago
I'm going to have to agree, graphics, although not the most important factor in a game, still have a certain weight when trying to part a gamer with his cash.

There are gamers, like myself, who have been playing since before the NES and we've watched the technological advancements in graphics through the generations and constantly look for the next leap. For people like us graphics are a major talking point, something we will share when we're impressed, this alone can sell a game to someone.

Nowadays graphics aren't as important as they used to be and people who advocate better graphics tend to get labelled with 'graphics whore' or similar, when we discuss the finer details of the art. However as long as I continue to be impressed with shiny new effects I will continue to invest in games that push themselves graphically, even if it's just to see if my PC can run them.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   1074d ago
I agree. Graphics only hold so much weight when it comes to an overall experience of a game. You could have the prettiest game ever visually, but once you get past the visuals, then you'll realize how the core game plays and suffers. We really aren't properly prepared for next-gen. This gen is beyond-tired out with recycled and tired franchises. Do we really want these same franchises over and over next-gen with better visuals? I sure don't. Originality of games was something this current gen is really missing out on. Of course there are a few original titles out there, most of the games are still basic shooters with nothing new to bring to the table and I honestly don't see what else can be done to evolve the shooter genre or sports genre for that matter. But then again, this is all just my opinion so don't kill me everyone.
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bullymangLer  +   1074d ago
hhoh . . seems like sony got affected by the N64 when the shitty graphix power of the ps1 got blown out the water by the 64. So now sony thinks gaming is all about the graphic bits? . . poor guys. .. they sure learned their lesson though .. . Mark of Kri 3 soon please sony . thanks
MikeMyers  +   1073d ago
Graphics make great impressions but after awhile it's the gameplay that becomes key.

I don't want to see developers focusing all of their efforts trying to squeeze every last polygon and not have smooth gameplay. We seen it far too often every generation of frame rate drops, v-sync issues, pop-ups, poor draw distances, sub-HD (current generation), or shielded by smoke and fog, and so on. We have come to the point where consoles should be powerful enough to handle excellent graphics and smooth gameplay. Even in large worlds.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1074d ago
"Can Graphics Sell the Next-Gen?‏"

In the west hell yes!! In japan no..
The_Infected  +   1074d ago
Can graphics save next gen? No because next gen never needed saving. Yes graphics are great and a must but you have to think with all that power not only will it look great games will have way better "physics, gameplay, bigger worlds, and better A.I."
ATi_Elite  +   1074d ago
Can Graphics Sell the Next-Gen?
I'm all for Graphics but I think it's time Console Gaming changes and takes more risk with MMO's and other Open World type of games.

I stopped playing Console games because the PC offered a total different Gaming experience.

Sure Linear gameplay may work well for some games but it would just be nice to see NEW Console Gameplay instead of the same ole stuff but with better graphics.
Diver  +   1073d ago
Really? Just what pc games do you play that are so totally different?
dcbronco  +   1073d ago
There are differences. Flight simulators, race games with far better physics. Destruction. RTSs. I never bought a PS2 because I got caught up in RTSs on PC. I will say if developers start using Kinect for RTSs I will buy a Kinect.
Moonman  +   1074d ago
Great gameplay with pretty graphics sell me. :)
DivineAssault  +   1074d ago
Everything must be balanced
delboy  +   1074d ago
I agree
And for the graphic whores
clearelite  +   1074d ago
An excellent video imo.

"graphics exist to serve esthetics"

amen, and from the article....

"I crave innovative gameplay and new ideas as much as the next guy"

Wish this was the case here at n4g where talk is often mainly about "graphics"
first1NFANTRY  +   1074d ago
Hey it's worked for the PC hasn't it?

How many PC gamers boast about their beastly new graphics card upgraded every six months?

Eye candy always seems to be a first option for many gamers these days.
Modestmex  +   1074d ago
that's bull and you know it. stop hating. im still using 2008 video cards bought a second one when it was old and cheap i can play almost any game at a smooth 60 fps. lots of peeps on steam have cheap cards cuz they broke.
classic200  +   1074d ago
Yea, except a lot act like they own high end graphics cards at the same time. A pc gamer with the most expensive graphics card will come in a forum and diss all consoles gamers and while those same low end card holders will defend the high end when in reality his quality is not much different than consoles quality graphics.

It something I have discovered over the years about PC gamer with high and low end cards lol.

Also those are the same ones on youtube trying to prove there 2008 card is better than the PS4 GPU.
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MysticStrummer  +   1073d ago
What he said isn't bull if you go by N4G, which admittedly is a small slice of gaming reality. You will nearly always find some PC folk in articles about console-only games, dissing the graphics and going on about their rigs. Yes, many of them talk about how midrange setups can do this or that, but when something like BF3 comes along there are guaranteed to be many posts comparing setups and talking about how much better one person's rig is than the next.

Personally I'd rather "next gen" meant gameplay, not graphics. I'd be fine with graphics staying at PS3/360/WiiU level if there were more enemies onscreen with better AI and animations in a bigger world with many players potentially online in that world. Take a game like Destiny. It sounds cool but it will never live up to what I wish it could be because they also want it to look "next gen". I want multiple continents with multiple GTA size cities on multiple planets, populated by AI but also with many players exploring it all.

Read a book called Ready Player One. It's description of a virtual reality MMO called The Oasis is what I want, even if it wasn't virtual reality like the book's version. The Oasis is made of multiple universes based on different fiction, one for Star Trek, one for Star Wars, one for Firefly, one for Blade Runner... you get the idea, but hell I'd be happy with one universe or even galaxy to explore. We're a long way away from that because of people's obsession with graphics.

Ready Player One is a great book by the way. I recommend it to any gamer, but mostly to older gamers and sci fi fans. Lots of references to old movies, music, and games, all within the context of an MMO that exists in the year 2044. Warner Brothers bought the rights to make a movie and I hope they do a good job because RPO is my new favorite book of all time.
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slampunk  +   1073d ago

Very well written comment mate and i have to agree with your comments about better AI, more enemies, larger worlds and animations etc....
LOGICWINS  +   1074d ago
Customization is LEAGUES more important to PC gamers than graphics.
MysticStrummer  +   1073d ago
Funny how that doesn't come across on N4G. It's mostly about resolution, frames per second, texture quality, and lighting for PC gamers here, or at least the ones that haunt console articles.
aquamala  +   1074d ago
Sure pc gamers can spend money to upgrade any time they want to. I wish I can spend money to make games on my ps3 look better
Modestmex  +   1074d ago
next gen = graphics to ya'll console gamers.
Kingthrash360  +   1074d ago
Yoy can say that....question in the last 7 many graphic cards did you have to buy? How much you have to pay? I didnt have to upgrade my ps3 to play crysis. .just saying.
LocutusEstBorg  +   1074d ago
I can run Cryisis with console level graphics with just an Intel integrated GPU.
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Kingthrash360  +   1074d ago
I was replying to modestmex undercut comment. Disrespecting console gamers. Read his take on next gen and know what forget it...smh
annus  +   1073d ago
I didn't have to buy a new console to get something such as 'party voice chat' that was available on pc decades ago.
Kingthrash360  +   1074d ago
Next gen sales itself, graphics are a plus...but games like uncharted gow madden cod ect on next gen helps. Also hardcore gamers want the latest console. Thats what sales....want an example every year or two..minamal upgrade. People Flock to buy.
sandman224  +   1074d ago
Lets see.... It's the main selling point for every console since Atari. And it hasn't failed us yet. So it will be a big factor in next gen.
SolidDuck  +   1074d ago
Ya although maybe not as huge a leap as in the past, if u compare launch games like killzone shadow fall and watch dogs to last gen launch games like resistance 1, perfect dark and others. It's a pretty big leap. Not to mention ai, animation, physics and so on that will improve. I'm freakin excited for next gen.
BitbyDeath  +   1074d ago
No but splitscreen can, hope we see a ton more games with splitscreen now that the power is there.
OpenGL  +   1074d ago
Lack of split-screen support was never related to power, but the desire of developers to sell more copies of the same game, force people online, and have improved graphics.

Look at how many split-screen games there were on the N64 compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3, it has nothing to do with power. With the PS4 and Xbox 720 developers will still try to sell multiple copies of the same game if they can with the best graphics possible.

Some first party titles might allow split-screen support via the PS Vita, similar to the Wii U and what they demonstrated with Knack and remote play in February, but I doubt most 3rd party games will bother.

I'd expect the state of split-screen gaming to decline further next-generation as the PS4 and 720 are going to push Xbox Live and Playstation network even harder than they did this generation.
BitbyDeath  +   1074d ago
If split-screen support is not related to power then why are the graphics reduced in some split screen games?

Lightbox Interactive had 4 player splitscreen in Warhawk which got reduced to two in Starhawk because they wanted more action going on screen with building drops which could be seen from miles away.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1074d ago
Play splitscreen with a rager and start winning... your gunna have a bad time.
OpenGL  +   1073d ago
right BitbyDeath, graphics are indeed reduced in split-screen, but that's not going to change with the PS4. It's not like the PS4 or or the Xbox 720 will have unlimited power, if you implement split-screen the graphics will be worse regardless of how powerful your system is. With the PS4 the drop in quality might not be as noticeable but there will definitely be a difference.
brich233  +   1074d ago
I Agree all that is needed it for the next xbox and ps4 to have 2 video outputs, and it wont be splitscreen but multi screen i guess. I am able to play on my pc 2 games at once using softxpand duo 2011. Im also able to have to users logged in at once. Check it out on youtube. I wouldnt be suprised if microsoft though about doing this. Most pc video cards have 3 video outputs and the top end have about 6.
Emzx99  +   1074d ago
Graphics are a bonus, but if I have to play games the same way I did this gen with nothing but 40 extra people thrown at me, I'll be rather ticked. With the hardware the PS4 presented, and I'm sure the 720 will live up to that. If used right we can see some truly innovative gameplay, with some amazing aesthetics to compliment these games. Having another Call of Duty or Battlefield in all honesty is a waste of money. How is the next shooter in each franchise going to be different? New guns? Already seen it. New maps? Already been there. More people? Now you're just making a fuster cluck of people. Controls? It's probably going to play the same. Think back to Bad Company 2. It's art style was different, it's graphical style was different, and it feels very different from BF3. BF3 is just a a repeat of all the assets in the game to make new unimaginative maps.Too much time went into a lighting system that just gets in the way, and graphics that hold back gameplay, unless you're on a PC. Bad Company 2 had some interesting settings, a few reused assets from the smaller budget it had, and no map was really the same besides the biome. Here's hoping this next generation hops back to what made the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation the best example of what video games should be. And not these bland unimaginative shooters we've been getting drenched with. Well let's all hope EA goes bankrupt, and maybe this gen will have less bull shit.
level 360  +   1074d ago
Definitely, it's the very first impression we get to see for us to be sold on a console but it's also not the most important.. and with graphics come with it the mocking on all gaming websites by all the fanboys/girls.

Intuitive and good memorable game play with proper control pad set-up nails it.
saxism  +   1074d ago
I hold 1 very simple opinion. I just want consoles to be able to handle whatever developers want, so that they are not limited by graphical or CPU challenges. I want the FULL vision of developers to come through the games of the next generation.
shivvy24  +   1073d ago
Fun first , graphics 2nd
cedaridge  +   1073d ago
I'm sorry If i'm going to have to spend BIG money on NEW console's? Then YES I want graphics & gameplay.
Jek_Porkins  +   1073d ago
Graphics alone? Nope. I think people need to realize the most powerful, graphical consoles have never been as successful as the less powerful ones. In fact, the top console as far as graphics and power are concerned have never won a console generation.

I think the best looking graphics don't mean much if games lack a proper story and functional game play mechanics. Crysis is a perfect example of this, great graphics, sub par story and mechanics.
stefan771  +   1073d ago
Not alone. Graphics are just a part of a bigger gaming experience

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