Get 30% Off Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 at EA Origin

EA Origin is offering some great deals including 50% off all Dead Space franchise titles and 30% off on Dead Space 3 and related DLC! 30% off Crysis 3 and other great deals.

GameStop will also we holding some discount on some of your favorite titles including 20% off Borderlands 2, and Halo 4.

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2110d ago
Emzx992110d ago

Crysis and Dead Space doing that bad huh?

brish2110d ago

I think the problem with Dead Space 3 is they tried to make it appeal to a larger audience but by doing so they lost Dead Space fans.

Gaining some sales from the action crowd was offset by the loss in sales from the Dead Space fans.

Putting micro-transactions in the game didn't help either.

Emzx992109d ago

I know, it's why it's a shitty game. Have you see the final boss? ZERO EFFORT!

sdozzo2110d ago

Crysis has been out two weeks.

voltron20102110d ago

Check out the EA games forums on Dead Space 3 game freezing and save files being destroyed. Not going to tell you all the problems i have had with the game except i have played it on 3 different ps3 consoles using 2 different DS3 discs and starting 3 different saves with different user names. Finished it once on casual on one console , save file corrupted during "plus' mode, other two trials froze at various levels and finally can not get past certain points in the game without a freeze. No wonder its on sale.

JaredH2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

I never had any technical problems playing the game on 360 other then the new save/checkpoint system being terrible.


I haven't had a single problem with the pc version of DS3. I just got crysis3 on pc sowe'll see how that goes

biRdy2110d ago

Same here on the 360 version, played through it twice and not a single problem.

voltron20102109d ago

consider yourself lucky. google search dead space freeze or freezing. click on the "EA" answers sites and check out how many xbox and ps3 owners have had their game fail.

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