The Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC will be two downloads on Xbox Live only

Bioware revealed that the Citadel DLC for “Mass Effect 3” will be two separate downloads on Xbox Live due to its size. As such, the Citadel DLC will be two different downloads for Xbox 360 owners while the DLC will remain a single download on the Playstation 3 and PC. It is rather odd to hear of a game, on any system, having to split its DLC pack into separate parts due to size of the add-on.

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Godchild10201576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

What is the size limit of Xbox 360 digital add-on/DLC? How big is this Mass effect 3 DLC?

xPhearR3dx1576d ago

I believe the size limit is 2GB. I know for a fact it is for XBLA Games, but DLC, I'm not too sure. I'd assume it would be the same.

Donnieboi1576d ago

Why is there a limit at all? PS3 doesn't ave DLC size limit. WTF was MS thinking?

Megaton1576d ago

2gb according to BioWare. The extended cut was limited by it.

Emzx991576d ago

It's not like it fixed anything, that entire game was a joke. hours of proof

HellFeast1576d ago

Its 4 GB, this DLC is 4GB.

MasterD9191575d ago

What time does this hit XBL/PSN?