Will We See F-Zero UX?

GenGAME writes: Where in the heck is F-Zero?

More specifically F-Zero X, since its tone fits better as a potential Wii U title. F-Zero is what I’d call an under-appreciated staple in Nintendo consoles. It’s usually there as a supplement to games you have, and not the exact day one purchase, but they’re quality games nonetheless.

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maniacmayhem2112d ago

Every game that skipped the first Wii should get an update/new game for the WiiU. A new F-Zero would be so welcomed.

This should be Nintendo's own Gran Turismo/Forza like game for its system

Erimgard2112d ago

I'm sure they could come up with some interesting ways to use the GamePad on the Wii U. Not to mention, the Wii U actually has decent online for a change, so that broadens the multiplayer experience.

PopRocks3592112d ago

Funny you say; the F-Zero game in Nintendo Land is actually pretty addicting (and challenging, particularly once you get past area 12), and that game primarily used motion sensing in the gamepad which worked pretty well.

My hope is Nintendo Land is a sign for which franchises will see new life on Wii U. Though at the same time I'm a tad worried about franchises like Kid Icarus and Star Fox since neither were featured.

Nintendo's full of surprises. Let's hope some of those fall into their fans' expectations.

Snookies122112d ago

If there were an HD F-Zero for the Wii U. I would buy the console immediately, enough said. I had way too much fun on GX back in the day not to.

silkylove2112d ago

"It still holds up well, just like the original F-Zero, but the next release is where F-Zero plummets into a nosedive."

Couldn't disagree more. Sega did an excellent job with F-Zero GX. It's my favorite in the series. Fast, beautiful, and very challenging.

legendoflex2112d ago

I think he's talking about sales.

silkylove2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Oh, ok. That makes more sense. It wasn't a million seller like the previous one, but 650k isn't terrible. I don't know why Nintendo doesn't release another.

Theyellowflash302112d ago

Nintendo needs a new F-Zero, Wave Race, and Excite Bike. Even if they were eShop downloads.

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