Injustice: Gods Among Us, New Gameplay Videos

This week, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced a new Battlefield Arena duel. Superman got into the ring with Sinestro and Green Arrow with Hawkgirl.

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Godchild10202114d ago

Her voice is a little annoying when she announces the winner.

Watching those videos mad me a believer that they have made a better game than Mortal Kombat 9. April can't come soon enough.

bunt-custardly2114d ago

Incredible. Love the stage interactivity.

nikrel2114d ago

This is the first fighting game I WANT to buy in such a long time, so cinematic. Can't wait.

StreetsofRage2114d ago

Ok I'm sold. I will buy. :)

strigoi8142114d ago

battle looks cinematic that i cant imagine what will happen if you play it again.. i guess it will be too repetitive and be boring and you gonna see the same cinematic drama over and over again..

Ashunderfire862114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

The environments are interactive, and respond differently with each character players use. So what not to like about it? It's not the same drama over and over again. How many times in the past do you see an Ultra in Killer Instincts, a Brutality in Mortal Kombat, a super combo in Street Fighter 4, and other combos in fighting games that look cinematic? Dude every fighting game is like this. Injustice looking to do this genre justice more than any other game. It's the fighting game I can't wait to play since Mortal Kombat 9(that came out 2011). You can even select a move or combo in the move list to see while your fighting(No more pausing for move list)!!! It will only get better Next gen when Mortal Kombat 10 arrives!!! This game will have more things to do than what you call repetitive. To even top that, a longer storyline than the Mortal Kombat 9. Plus a more involved practice mode, and a crap load of other modes for replay value. Don't fool yourself you will be playing this game with your friends.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2114d ago

The fights are staged man. Those camera angles won't actually be in the game.... and battles won't take that long. They did it like this to better showcase each characters abilities and play styles. An actual fight would prolly only take 40 seconds.

phanom2114d ago

Wow you must be a genius after only 2 minutes of gameplay you can already tell if a game is going to be successful or not you should go work on Wall Street or Las Vegas instead of surfing n4g!

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