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Cell on a diet again, Cell 3 details revealed.

Details of the Cell's 45nm shrink have now appeared. The new version of the chip has dropped in power consumption by 40%.

This will cut costs as it uses less silicon then the 65nm version and the lower power consumption means a simpler, lower cost cooling system.

Production is due to start in the summer so expect them on the shelves in time for Christmas. This will probably lead to a PS3 price cut again just before Christmas. (PS3, Tech)

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The Killer  +   2371d ago
am buying a ps3 when this ships arrive
i bet we might see slip ps3 this year!
jvsantos  +   2370d ago

Get yourself a 60GB or 20GB PS3.
SlappyMcTaint  +   2370d ago
The year the PS3 pwns all.
xaphanze  +   2371d ago
Sounds good.
Rice  +   2371d ago
taste good...
The gaming GOD  +   2371d ago
Feels good.
AlterEgo  +   2371d ago
looks good?
destroyah  +   2371d ago
Smells good.
Time Lord  +   2371d ago
Runs good...
chewjya  +   2371d ago
that's good
ruibing  +   2371d ago
cmrbe  +   2371d ago
Thats PS3

Play Beyond.
Time Lord  +   2371d ago

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whateva  +   2371d ago
moparful99  +   2371d ago
Soul good
Sevir04  +   2371d ago
You all Sounded like a an excentric commercial
with a subliminal Undertone kinda like what Sony did for the the first white room PS3 comercials... Cell... Smart.

bubbles To all of you that was hilarious
wAtdaFck  +   2371d ago
shine1396  +   2371d ago
bubbles to all of you...
edit: especially: thats good. and 'good' should probably be: 'just good'.
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Vip3r  +   2370d ago
very nice.

/Terry Tibbs
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The Wood  +   2370d ago
bubbles for you nutters
damn i missed the boat...............lol

sh*t, thats a lota clicks. feels like im using rappidshare
resistance100  +   2371d ago
:O just how fast are sony getting production costs down?

When these are placed it, they will be making a large profit per unit. Which basically means, expect a price cut ready for the hoilday season later this year
cmrbe  +   2371d ago
I am
one of those people that thought that Sony will dropped the price of the PS3 either when GTA4 or MGS4 comes out but it looks unlikely now and most likely the end of the year as you said. The closer the x360 gets to mass market pricing the harder it will be for Sony. I think it will be a big mistake if they don't match the x360 price drops when it happens soon but then again. I know Sony know what they are doing but for their sake i hope they are not wrong with how they were wrong with the initial PS3 price point.
gonzopia  +   2371d ago
I think the PS3 is on the right track to compete with the 360. MS's decision to not include a standard HDD and standard Blu-ray or HD-DVD optical drive will continue to hurt them as games get larger and more complex... not to mention the hardware failure rate.

...anything the PS3 does now to add value (in-game XMB, Home, improved PS Store, PlayTV, and of course - more games) will only sweeten the pot for prospective buyers. Now add a possible price cut to the list.

Sony and the PS3 are positioned well.
cmrbe  +   2371d ago
Yes Gonz
The PS3 is still positioned better but i have this really bad feeling that Sony should really be careful with how they react to the looming x360 price drops. We know already that the x360 is a serious competitor this gen and Sony shouldn't underestimate them. Sony could potentially put them away this year if they match the x360 price drop which i am hoping they will.
robbo918  +   2371d ago
I would be shocked
Sony will drop prices if MS does, or at least that's my opinion. Sony isn't losing money on the consoles so they have room to cut. Seeing as they have been gaining ground lately they won't want that to change, but who knows until it all happens.
Marty8370  +   2371d ago
A redesigned slim PS3 could be coming as early as christmas 2008.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
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timmyp53  +   2371d ago
I wonder how it would look
if there was a slim version. It looks fine the way it is.
Mr Tretton  +   2371d ago
keep dreaming
Area_51  +   2371d ago
mamma mia????
Lord Anubis  +   2371d ago
if they continue with the two PP2 and 32SPE it would automatically make it compatible with the PS3. (backwards compatability) which in turns means they could port the PS3 applications to the that version of cell and of course improve them. It would cut cost on PS4's R&D.
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suedester  +   2371d ago
I think it's pretty safe to say that the cell, possibly redesigned slightly, will feature in the ps4. I don't think Sony wants to spend Billions in R&D for a while :)
hfaze  +   2371d ago
By then they could probably cram two full (PPE+8 SPE's) Cell CPU's on a single die... Just imagine the PS4 with a dual or quad Cell CPU @ 4GHz, nVidia's G92 graphics chipset, with 2GB/1GB system RAM/video RAM... (nerdgasm)
DeadlyFire  +   2370d ago
I believe it will go a little higher than 4 Ghz and will use a better chipset than the G92 chipset. Likely CPU will get between 5-6 Ghz despite the claim from IBM of the CBE to reach 6+ Ghz and there will be at least 2-4 more generation of GPU chipsets before the new Cell is released. They release one-two new GPU chipsets every year on each side from ATI and NVIDIA don't they? First Cell ran at 4.60 Ghz, but with a little heat likely. So they turned it back to match the X360's speed. IBM's Power 6 CPU runs at 4.7 Ghz. It can only go up from there. Either way I can't wait for it. I have to buy my PS3 first though. :P
vloeistof  +   2371d ago
sony is gearing up
meepmoopmeep  +   2371d ago
nice... retailing a PS3 cheaper wouldn't hurt one bit. i'm hoping my 60GB will live until the end of this gen but if it doesn't i'll opt for one with the 45nm.
Marty8370  +   2371d ago
Cell CPU has always been designed to be scalable. So expect Sony to go down the Cell 3 route for PS4, maybe even a modified Cell 3. With most of the R & D costs happening this gen, next gen should allow Sony to keep cost down profits up.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
DJ  +   2371d ago
Wow, Toshiba and IBM are doing a great job.
Can't wait to see how the true successor to Cell turns out. =]
nbsmatambo  +   2371d ago
u mean Toshiba, IBM, "&" Sony
Lumbo  +   2371d ago
The downscaling is managed by IBM and Toshiba, Sony did work with them on the design, not on the actual manufacturing. By now they outsourced any kind of chip production as part of the new strategy to concentrate on core businesses.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2371d ago
shows how working together has benefited sony
gamers mention that sony will have a hard time competing against microsoft when they lower their price of 360.

but from where i'm sitting,sony has been better at shrinking their technology faster than microsoft.and are better at it.

it's funny,the same people that were saying,"when toshiba drops the price of hd-dvd players,sony will be in trouble."are the same gamers thinking that a lower price 360 will compete with all the exclusive games that sony will unleash.just like bluray had all the exclusive movies over hd-dvd.

microsoft had better get cracking and work on reducing cost,because sony will have a $299 or lower ps3 system by the end of the year.and when that bomb drops with all the BIG games,it will be......

MEGATON...................... ....
Cdaja  +   2370d ago
Just how much money is sony making of the PS3 right now? If it was a fair amount I would drop the price so there was only a profit of 1 dollar. All they need to do is sacrifice large profit for a large price cut.
Bleucrunch  +   2370d ago
or get a 200 gb (tee heee!)
KatanaSteel  +   2370d ago
say if sony kept the same design of cell and used a beefed up version in the ps4 (5GHz+), and developers got amazingly good at developing for the current cell, wouldn't that mean we would get wickedly good ps4 launch titles and so on.

just wondering really.
thanks :)
Aaron_V667  +   2370d ago
I bet there will be a ps3 slim in Japan by the end of 2008. Maybe announced at tgs 08. Its the only way Sony are gonna have any chance of getting near the wii's sales (In Japan). Look at how the psp slim helped sales in Japan its basically selling the same as ds now and outselling it when its big games come out.
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