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Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS/HD comparison

Checkout the video comparison between the 3DS title turned HD of Resident Evil: Revelations (the results may surprise you). (3DS, PS3, Resident Evil Revelations, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Kamikaze135  +   754d ago
Why does the 3DS version have cooler lighting effects for the environment?
Neckbear  +   754d ago
Yeah, the 3DS version just seems both much brighter and much darker where it really matters.
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Kamikaze135  +   754d ago
Yeah, which is weird. The HD version looks great, but the lighting is a bit lacking. I guess the lighting engine used only works well in smaller resolutions? I wouldn't know...I know nothing about the technical aspect of games.
knowyourstuff  +   753d ago
The 360 has been notorious for having a much darker Gamma level by default, that can be adjusted in the settings.
jc48573  +   754d ago
you know what surprises me. This game looks just as good as RE6 to be honest. It's understandable why REvelations used some flat textures in this game, but RE6 had many of them.
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FaSCoRP  +   754d ago
anyone knows if this will have 3D support on the xbox 360 ? Like Gears 3, Crisys 3 or Silent Hill Downpour ?
TheUndertaker85  +   754d ago
No, it will not. Confirmed on the Playstation Blog some time ago.

No Move, No Kinect, No 3D, no real perks. Just a HD version of a handheld game.

And the Xbox version clearly looks better. You can actually distinguish the design of the door and walls much better than 3DS which is no shock. Why you'd side by side a console game with a handheld version is beyond me though.
TruthbeTold  +   753d ago
They both look damned good, and one is a sub HD handheld, which is the point. Modern architecture and capability makes a big difference.
fatstarr  +   753d ago
you really justifying why the xbox 360 version looks better than a handheld instead of giving the 3ds credit for being able to push these graphics out?

the side by side is to show the "effort" that went into porting a hand held console game to the hd side.
FaSCoRP  +   753d ago
Well, thanks but, that is sad, no 3D support on an original 3D game :]
Blastoise  +   754d ago
Anyone ever get framerate drops on the 3DS version?

I got them all the time, a slight mini freeze every time I opened a door & the game turned into a slideshow whenever I used an elevator
PopRocks359  +   753d ago
Only when in the elevators. That was Capcom's piss-poor way of hiding loading screens. Other than that, the game generally ran smoothly for me.
mcstorm  +   753d ago
This was the Same with me. I do have to say every res fan should pick this game up over 6 I really enjoyed it on the 3ds.
pecorre  +   754d ago
Wow, you won't notice it if you never played the game before, be there are a lot of spoilers in that video.
DivineAssault  +   754d ago
I cant believe theyre charging $50 for this game! thats nutts! Dont get me wrong, cuz i loved the game (jill sections much better than the rest) but its not long or deep enough for that kind of price tag..Added content, HD or not.. The edges may be cleaner & the textures sharper but no way in hell its worth it to me.. Sorry capcom but u gotta do better than that.. I think this wouldve been great for vita if anything for $29.99
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MasterCornholio  +   753d ago
The 3DS version is a blurry mess in comparison to the console versions. But that is to be expected due to the 3Ds weak hardware. What i dont agree with though is the price.
YoungPlex  +   753d ago
Lmao, look at it in its original resolution and I guarantee that it doesn't look blurry like the oversize video!
LKHGFDSA  +   753d ago
Mate, that's only because it was filmed with a camera pointed at a screen.
falcon79  +   753d ago
Weak hardware thats why 3ds games get HD ports ??? 3DS HAS NEVER BEEN WEAK ITS GPU IS BETTER THAN VITA'S.
Qrphe  +   753d ago
Oh man this delusion

At least they added dynamic lighting for the home consoles. It's one thing they weren't completely lazy on for this port.


Video compression is one of the reasons, and another is that it's a 240p game stretched to whatever size your monitor may have.


If you already own a 3DS, there is absolutely no reason why you'd go buy this port, specially since we've already seen the effort Capcom put into this (or any of the MH home console ports).
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falcon79  +   753d ago
All Sony and Microsoft do is wait for Nintendo to bring their harware out then play the numbers game basically go for more cores,more mhz,more ram,more ghz,ect ect,but what their fans don't know is weak/average cores mean nothing,lots of main ram coupled with poor quality chip ram ect just evens it out,a gpu with more mhz means nothing when competitors are using eDRAM,eDRAM on your gpgpu is un-heard of ???? and it's built to push powerful hardware ???? where is the eDRAM in ps4 ? the eDRAM used in 360 allowed for better chat capabilities and better frame rates ???

And there are rumours that the secret 30 percent of the wiiu gpgpu is 32MB/64MB of eDRAM then it would be game over it's this and main ram that gives you your Bandwidth Ram.

Also look up the jaguar cores in ps4 ect they are basic cores based off the Atom with out of order execution,not powerful very moderate.
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Ac7iVe  +   753d ago
If you haven't played it before its a game worth 60 bux , its just the fact they alrdy releast it at 40 for 3ds that ppl complain. Don't let the price scare u its well worth it for this game...replay value is there
Heavenly King  +   753d ago
Considering this is an HD port of portable game. I will only pay $20 for it. There is no way in hell I will pay $50.
1upgamer99  +   753d ago
Did you buy the 3DS version? If not it is a NEW HD version of a game you do not own, OR have played....
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AsheXII  +   753d ago
The 3Ds version doesn't look nearly as blurry as the video makes it seem.
RufustheSage  +   753d ago
Why is there a freeze when you open the doors on the 360 version? The load times should be better on the consoles not worse!
Kaiou  +   753d ago
This comparison is not fair at all , the 3ds video was shot using a video camera which is the culprit for all of the blurriness , the game looks much better than that.
PopRocks359  +   753d ago
Yeah I concur. Though unfortunately from what I understand there are no existing 3DS video capture devices for the public. Only high tier press and Nintendo has something like that from what I understand.
1upgamer99  +   753d ago
The 3DS version looks much better than 360, sorry unless you are blind or need glasses its as clear as day...I am just telling it like it is.

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