Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS/HD comparison

Checkout the video comparison between the 3DS title turned HD of Resident Evil: Revelations (the results may surprise you).

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Kamikaze1351847d ago

Why does the 3DS version have cooler lighting effects for the environment?

Neckbear1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Yeah, the 3DS version just seems both much brighter and much darker where it really matters.

Kamikaze1351847d ago

Yeah, which is weird. The HD version looks great, but the lighting is a bit lacking. I guess the lighting engine used only works well in smaller resolutions? I wouldn't know...I know nothing about the technical aspect of games.

knowyourstuff1847d ago

The 360 has been notorious for having a much darker Gamma level by default, that can be adjusted in the settings.

jc485731847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

you know what surprises me. This game looks just as good as RE6 to be honest. It's understandable why REvelations used some flat textures in this game, but RE6 had many of them.

FaSCoRP1847d ago

anyone knows if this will have 3D support on the xbox 360 ? Like Gears 3, Crisys 3 or Silent Hill Downpour ?

TheUndertaker851847d ago

No, it will not. Confirmed on the Playstation Blog some time ago.

No Move, No Kinect, No 3D, no real perks. Just a HD version of a handheld game.

And the Xbox version clearly looks better. You can actually distinguish the design of the door and walls much better than 3DS which is no shock. Why you'd side by side a console game with a handheld version is beyond me though.

TruthbeTold1847d ago

They both look damned good, and one is a sub HD handheld, which is the point. Modern architecture and capability makes a big difference.

fatstarr1847d ago

you really justifying why the xbox 360 version looks better than a handheld instead of giving the 3ds credit for being able to push these graphics out?

the side by side is to show the "effort" that went into porting a hand held console game to the hd side.

FaSCoRP1846d ago

Well, thanks but, that is sad, no 3D support on an original 3D game :]

Blastoise1847d ago

Anyone ever get framerate drops on the 3DS version?

I got them all the time, a slight mini freeze every time I opened a door & the game turned into a slideshow whenever I used an elevator

PopRocks3591847d ago

Only when in the elevators. That was Capcom's piss-poor way of hiding loading screens. Other than that, the game generally ran smoothly for me.

mcstorm1847d ago

This was the Same with me. I do have to say every res fan should pick this game up over 6 I really enjoyed it on the 3ds.

pecorre1847d ago

Wow, you won't notice it if you never played the game before, be there are a lot of spoilers in that video.

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The story is too old to be commented.