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Video Game Journalism: A Look at Some of the Horse S**t

The video game journalism scandal ‘Doritosgate’ last year showed us that the industry has some serious issue, but it didn’t cover half of it with the industry consumed by rumours, a saturated market, dependency on ratings and more. Has anything changed and can anything even be done to change it? (Culture, Industry)

ThatXboxGuy  +   566d ago
The infamous Dan Hsu gears review springs to mind.
He lists things that would destroy any other games metacritic, and gives it a 10/10 at the end.

Good riddance Dan.
HammadTheBeast  +   566d ago
Lol yeah. Not to mention the embarrassment that is Geoff.

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ThanatosDMC  +   566d ago
Watch Angry Joe copy Geoff @ 17:48
HammadTheBeast  +   566d ago
@Thanatos lol yeah, was just about to post that up.
Toadsanime  +   566d ago
Control issues, A.I. problems, bad dialogue and storytelling, linear levels, online lag and limited modes.

Derekvinyard13  +   566d ago
That pic is hilarious, biggest clown in the industry
SOULJER  +   566d ago
Geoff sold out. How the mighty have fallin.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   566d ago
Game Trailers is owned by Spike and spike currently operates as part of MTV Networks and Owned by Viacom.

So blame Viacom, not Geoff.
Hydralysk  +   566d ago
Yet Geoff is still the guy who agrees to follow his superior's orders.

"I was just doing my job" only goes so far.
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Baka-akaB  +   566d ago
he chose to work there and seems happy , so it's 100% his fault
BozoLoco  +   566d ago
The only thing worse than bad games journalism is when someone critiques journalism and paints that as journalism.
Toadsanime  +   566d ago
I'm really not sure how to sensibly counter that. I suppose trying to become a games journalist whilst making a post criticizing game journalism on a game site is a bit... odd.

Still, it's fine for people to criticize something they're a part of. Shame I'm likely a hypocrite but it's nice to point the issues out anyway.

I'm not saying I'm in the right here or that I'm any better -- I'm not.
MasterD919  +   565d ago
Not too different from actual news journalists. Imagine how many of them are just as phony.

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