Video Game Journalism: A Look at Some of the Horse S**t

The video game journalism scandal ‘Doritosgate’ last year showed us that the industry has some serious issue, but it didn’t cover half of it with the industry consumed by rumours, a saturated market, dependency on ratings and more. Has anything changed and can anything even be done to change it?

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ThatXboxGuy2111d ago

The infamous Dan Hsu gears review springs to mind.
He lists things that would destroy any other games metacritic, and gives it a 10/10 at the end.

Good riddance Dan.

HammadTheBeast2111d ago

Lol yeah. Not to mention the embarrassment that is Geoff.

HammadTheBeast2111d ago

@Thanatos lol yeah, was just about to post that up.

Toadsanime2111d ago

Control issues, A.I. problems, bad dialogue and storytelling, linear levels, online lag and limited modes.


Derekvinyard132111d ago

That pic is hilarious, biggest clown in the industry

SOULJER2111d ago

Geoff sold out. How the mighty have fallin.

AngelicIceDiamond2111d ago

Game Trailers is owned by Spike and spike currently operates as part of MTV Networks and Owned by Viacom.

So blame Viacom, not Geoff.

Hydralysk2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Yet Geoff is still the guy who agrees to follow his superior's orders.

"I was just doing my job" only goes so far.

Baka-akaB2111d ago

he chose to work there and seems happy , so it's 100% his fault

BozoLoco2111d ago

The only thing worse than bad games journalism is when someone critiques journalism and paints that as journalism.

Toadsanime2111d ago

I'm really not sure how to sensibly counter that. I suppose trying to become a games journalist whilst making a post criticizing game journalism on a game site is a bit... odd.

Still, it's fine for people to criticize something they're a part of. Shame I'm likely a hypocrite but it's nice to point the issues out anyway.

I'm not saying I'm in the right here or that I'm any better -- I'm not.

MasterD9192110d ago

Not too different from actual news journalists. Imagine how many of them are just as phony.