The Ouya is Near

GamingXL: Ouya is a small console with Android as operating system. It’s by far not as fast as the Xbox or Playstation with only a Quad-core processor with 1Gig of Ram, but the size and the price of only 99$ makes up for that. It is ready to be shipped to the people who have donated on the 28th of March.

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Ulf2114d ago

Retailers aren't going to carry the Ouya, because they don't stand to profit from selling games for it. It's a bit sad, but I think the Ouya is basically going to be DOA.

SethAFitzgerald2114d ago

Yep the whole "crowdfunded" console thing sounded cool, but when it comes to making it profitable in stores, it will likely fail. Sad that it will have to happen like that, but Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (maybe Valve) will control the retail stores.

Donnieboi2113d ago

I dunno. Valve is also digital distribution. That is why stores dont wanna carry it. Unless valve uses blu rays for physical distribution.

morkendo232114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

if OUYA was to be release it should took its maiden voyage before now ps4 will ship wreck it.

ps4: AHOY! there are you lost ouya?? Gulp.gulp,!! im sinking........ no one is buying me,gu,guuuuuulp.

HammadTheBeast2114d ago

They should integrate Ouya technology into the PS4. So android on PS4.

SOULJER2114d ago

I'm going to hack it till it dies.

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The story is too old to be commented.