March Wii U Deals - Amazing Spider-Man $30, Batman Arkham City $30 and more

March Wii U deals and sales from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Newegg, Toys "R" US and Target.

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Agheil2083d ago

They need to just give a SSB bundle and I'm sold on the WiiU. Hopefully we'll get something as amazing as Super Mario Galaxy this GEN.

animegamingnerd2083d ago

hopefully their will be a good sale on the zombiu bundle next month

JeepGamer2083d ago

Arkham City for 30 dollars is a deal?

/looks at Steam

Yeah, GOTY edition with all DLC... $10.20

Apollo12083d ago

We are talking about Wii U, this is considered a good deal.

PopRocks3592083d ago

Aren't Steam's deals always consistently cheaper than all of the big three consoles? Why even make that comparison when it's already a given?

just-joe2083d ago

Comparing buy a physical copy of a game as opposed to paying to download a game.