Why MGS fans should play Metal Gear Rising

PlayStation Universe's very own Timothy Nunes generated a video in regards to Metal Gear Rising: Revengence and why fans of the major franchise Metal Gear Solid should feel comfortable jumping into this next title.

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porgep2110d ago

Agreed with your points. It's nice to see MGR stands on its own, but is still tied into its roots.

TimNunes2110d ago

Even though I was anticipative leading up to launch, I couldn't help but worry that something would go wrong. I should have more faith in Hideo Kojima: if he signs off on something, it's worth your time.

LackTrue4K2110d ago

i have see the game on sale already....i think ima wait a month or 2, and pay no more then 30 bucks.

KuroiTori2110d ago

I definitely enjoyed this game and it's a welcome addition to the franchise, at least to me.

BlaqMagiq242110d ago

Agreed. One of the best hack and slashes I ever played.

NYC_Gamer2110d ago

I played the demo and MGR just isn't for me

admiralvic2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

The demo is actually pretty bad (assuming it's the same one included with ZoE or you're talking about that one), but the game is far better. The demo doesn't really make it clear HOW to play (full game doesn't exactly do a great job either), so the controls / gameplay seem worse than they actually are. In fact I hated the demo, though I still ended up loving the final product.

WilliamH2110d ago

I played the demo and that was more than enough. MGS by name but not by nature. That parry system was horrible

DragonKnight2110d ago

The parry system becomes broken if you constantly flick the analog stick forward and attack. It renders you practically invincible.

DragonKnight2110d ago

I didn't say you become invulnerable, nor that it works on all enemies, but for the most part you can make it through the game flicking the stick forward and rendering the game far easier than should be possible.

admiralvic2110d ago

Either you never played this game and are going off what idiots on the internet told you or you're making a gross exaggeration.

For starters, it's not forward + attack, it's attack + the direction of their attack... So even if you do spam it, you still have to plan accordingly. As I mentioned in my other reply towards you, if it was really that simple, people wouldn't complain about Monsoons smoke bomb attack. Furthermore, only a perfect parry (which requires timing) does a counter attack, where as the other one just blocks. This means you actually need to open yourself up for attacks, be able to go between parries / attacks (some would consider this skill, I am guessing you're not one of them) or wait till you perfect parry to get the upper hand. Lastly, certain enemies / higher difficulties have different rules than the lower ones. Like you can parry MG Excelsus's blades, but you WILL take damage. Between things you shouldn't parry, things you can't parry and the whole having to attack thing... your point is practically moot.

On a different note, the same could be said of any dodge system in this genre. Not like the evasive roll / dash is that different in Ninja Gaiden, just pick a direction and avoid all problems. Yet doing it at the wrong time will leave you open to attack, just like doing it in the wrong direction / too early (typically does an attack) / stopping short (multiple hits require multiple flicks) will result in you taking damage.

DragonKnight2110d ago

For goodness sake, how many times do I have to say "I didn't say you become invulnerable nor that it works on all enemies" for you to stop bombarding me with your fanboy defense? And why are you arguing with semantics? Do you really require me to say "flicking the analog stick in the direction of your enemy" so that you'll stop crying about it? Geez, don't take my word for it and look up gameplay videos of people doing it if you don't believe me. Hell, even look up Angry Joe's review on the game. You can try to deny its existence all you want, doesn't make you right if people are doing it.

admiralvic2110d ago

I've played Rising and almost have the platinum...

My point is that you're over simplifying the game and acting like its existence is worse than any other hack and slash game out there...

Ninja Gaiden 1 had an evasive dodge / roll that could get you out of almost any jam out there.
Ninja Gaiden 2 / 3 (been a while, so I might be wrong...) has a flat out button you hold to block (thus requiring far less effort than Rising) that can withstand a good number of hits and the evasive dodge / roll.
Bayonetta had Witch time with perfect dodges, the ability to dodge without taking damage and some perks that made these skills better (like the explosive thing replacing witch time).
Never played DmC / Devil May Cry, but I am sure there is also some sort of dodge too...

They all work the same and you can make the same stupid claims if you wanted. "Just spam dodge and you're practically invincible", "Just spam witch time and you're practically invincible.", "Just hold block and you're practically invincible", yet you call out Rising like the parry system is something absurdly broken and invalidates any form of skill in the game.

DragonKnight2110d ago

I never said, nor implied, that MGR is the worst hack and slash ever. That's your own misconception derived from your opinion about the game. I made a comment you didn't like, period, and now you're trying to act like I insulted your sensibilities. Grow up and stop reading into things.

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admiralvic2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

But it's not Metal Gear Solid by name... thats what people need to realize. It's RISING. MGR not trying to be Solid, it's trying to be its own thing in the same universe. This much is clear, since none of the snake appear in the actual game. Sure there's that sword (via DLC), but minor fan service =/= trying to cash in on a franchises popularity.

@ DragonKnight

You would be right, but it's not that simple. Several enemies, like Monsoon, force you to do it in various directions, plus not every attack can be parried. If the system was HALF as broken as you claim, the trophies / achievements for perfecting the bosses / doing VR missions would be a LOT higher.

2110d ago
2pacalypsenow2110d ago

Played the demo for like 1 minute , not my type of game

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