The Escapist: Top 5 Most Gruesome Videogame Deaths

This week, Matt discusses the most cringe-inducing death scenes in videogames.

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zerocrossing2113d ago

Because it's a slow news day...

knowyourstuff2113d ago

lol you thought N4G had actual news? Rumours, speculation, trolling, and baseless opinions is more like it.

imtheman20132113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

It's the weekend. And to make it worse, it's Sunday. Nothing, at least concerning video game news, happens on the weekend, and especially Sundays. :/

Edit: But this was a pretty good list and worth 2 minutes of my time.

SOD_Delta2113d ago

RE5&6 more gruesome than MK9? LOL...FAIL!