Epic Games Open to Gears of War on Next Generation Consoles

"Gears of War has been one of the top franchise this generation. Epic Games, the developers behind this franchise basically re-invented the third person shooter genre with their pop in and out cover-shoot mechanics. With three commercially and critically hit games in the series, Epic Games are all set to release Gears of War: Judgement, a game which focuses on Cole and Baird instead of the series protagonist Marcus Fenix."

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GalacticEmpire2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

It would be a megaton x9000 if they finally bring the series to the Playstation platform, can't wait for E3.

Wonder what Gears would look like on PS4? GeOW1 was the first game that felt 'next-gen' (this gen) for me, can Epic step up and create that feeling again?

@disagrees Are you saying Gears 1 didn't feel next gen or that it wouldn't be a big deal if it went multi-plat?

Abash2109d ago

This series needs a break for a few years, as it is I own all three Gears but cant get excited for Gears: Judgement in the slightest

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MikeMyers2109d ago

I'd like to see a new ip as well.

Mikefizzled2109d ago

Has everyone forgotten about Fortnite or something?

Trenta272109d ago

That and the Assassin's Creed series. Both just need to chill for awhile.

AngelicIceDiamond2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

There's allot of games that need to take a back seat next gen. And I gotta say Gears is definitely one of them.

ThanatosDMC2109d ago

Fortnite's become a shooter though. Check the youtube vids with Cliff and that lady plus their demo.

gta28002109d ago

I have Gears of War for PC. Was never able to bring my self to finish the game though...I think a lot of us will be fine if it doesn't come to the Playstation. I kinda wish I could get into it though. The fact that I have no interest in Gears or Halo is the only reason why I don't own an Xbox.

eferreira2109d ago

You're right, I enjoyed the first two but the third seemed stale. No huge wtf moments.

esemce2108d ago

I've finished gears Judgement, it's decent but really not as good as the other 3, It felt more like an expansion pack DLC.

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Adexus2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I think people disagreed because you mentioned it going multi-platform which will never happen, Microsoft own the IP.

GalacticEmpire2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Rein: Epic “owns” Gears IP, “can do what we want with it”

@below :) yup it's entirely possible to bring the whole series to Playstation or even Wii U if they wish.

jimbobwahey2109d ago

Since I'm considering going PlayStation-only next gen, I'd really like to see Gears of War go multiplatform. I'd also like to see them remove the retro lancer and sawn-off from the game as well but I suspect that would be wishful thinking.

Gears 1 was amazing. Gears 2 was a complete disaster. Gears 3 was fantastic except for the dumb new weapons that ruined the balance of the game. Gears Judgement looks utter garbage.

Very inconsistent franchise for sure, but it has its charms...

MikeMyers2109d ago

They don't own the ip but like the relationship they have with Microsoft. I think there's something more to it than that and Microsoft probably gives them incentives for keeping it to the Xbox 360. If it does come to next gen consoles it should be on other platforms besides the Xbox.

Microsoft obviously had some input since the PC often got neglected too and Epic are more of a PC supporter. This is another sign that Microsoft needs to start investing in their own ip's instead of trying to control 3rd party content and withhold DLC and full games in favor of timed exclusives.

Farsendor12109d ago

i got a lot of disagrees for the same thing a few weeks ago lol.

Kingdom Come2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

@ GalacticEmpire

Yes, but Microsoft claimed on the announcement of "Gears of War 3" that they already had plan's for the future of the franchise.

Soon before "Gears of War: Judgment" was announced, rumours circulated stating "People Can Fly" where developing a "Gears of War" trilogy.

Also, lets not forget that screens for a "Gears of War" RTS being exclusively designed for Xbox were leaked and the game is rumoured to be in development for the Next Xbox...

Whether people choose to accept it or not, Microsoft aren't giving up Gears, and Epic realise that it'd be stupid to waste the resources developing the franchise for Sony consoles when their fan base is primarily on Xbox.

Sony fanboys have been circulating rumours of the Gears franchise since the release of the original, all they have achieved is sounding dillusional. If only the first game made it to PC, what are the chances of the franchise making it to Playstation?

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

MS even to cheap to buy gears IP!! But spend $50M in Gta4 dlc!! M$ is lame...

How do they let their biggest devs even have the possibility of going mutil-plat??

Bungie on ps4 and maybe gears?? Cool! I wouldn't mind slamming my back to a wall on ps4!

I played the first one on xbox and loved it! Just not enough games to want to buy xbox.

Played gears 3 multi-player at cousins apartmaent and man it kick ass(better than uncharted 3 multiplayer but uncharted has better single player). This is the only game I want on xbox.

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Cocozero2109d ago

Epic already said they would keep the franchise with Xbox because they appreciate what MS did for them (e.g marketing).

But considering Wada and Kojima where convinced to bring Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid to Xbox, if Sony can afford it I'm sure it could make the jump but I'm sure MS will pay to keep it exclusive unless they think they don't need it.

Heavenly King2109d ago

so M$ will pay 120M to keep gears exclusive? LOL

Cueil2109d ago

Microsoft and Epic have a "Strategic Partnership" and by that Microsoft pays Epic's overhead cost and Epic makes a ton of money without spending a ton of money... I don't think Epic would risk losing that kind of relationship to move the franchise over

ZBlacktt2108d ago

That Rising game is a spin off and not part of the MGS series. No Snake means not real Metal Gear.

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princejb1342109d ago

is a gen to late to bring it to the PS platform
this series is good and all but i feel like it lost its appeal that it had on the first gears game

LAZL0-Panaflex2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Correct. Gears 1 was and is awesome. Gears 2 campaign was good. Gears 3 campaign was too much like waterworld and mad max. I dont think gears will evergo multiplat simpily because it lost its appeal. Too many other games overshadow it. I think it would be a better move to go multiplat because it makes sense financially but they wont. I would bet money on it staying exclusive.

Its a shame i like the reconfigured ps controller. I plan on going ps4 and steambox this gen.

MysticStrummer2109d ago

I could see them doing a Gears trilogy on PS3 or even PS4 eventually. It wouldn't interest me but I'm sure many would buy it.

Kingdom Come2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

It's not going to happen.

Epic were never restricted to Microsoft, but have often stated that with the Gears of War franchise, they feel no need to spread to other communities. They could have ported Gears 2 and 3 to the PC, but chose not to. Their fan base is primarily on the Xbox, and those of who are truly motivated on playing the franchise bought an Xbox. Marketing-wise, they couldn't do better than to pair with Microsoft, and Microsoft helped make Gears what it is today.

GalacticEmpire2109d ago

Not only is it possible (see link in my comment above), it makes financial sense what with the installed base of both next gen consoles likely to be relatively small initially.

You seem almost terrified of this happening, the only reason I can think of for that is that you are a fanatical Xbox guy, am I right? In which case, screw your fanboyism I think all gamers should be able to enjoy this franchise!

NateCole2109d ago

And Sony made GTA what it is today so what's your point?.

Nathaniel_Drake2109d ago

You know this gen when the PS3 came out was a gen that they lost a lot of 3rd party exclusives, it goes both ways. And probably Sony releasing the PS4 early and people already hyped for it would make any developer want to go to that system.

Only having a few 1st party exclusives established next gen is going to bite MS in the butt. If they do start to create new IP's for next gen the new companies have to first establish themselves as being good and have a fan following, something Sony has been doing since PS one. They would allow a company nurture and grow and even if sales are low for a game if it's good they will keep at it whereas MS would not have any patients and scrap those game for low sales and tell them to either make a game that will sell or they will close the studio down
It's going to be hard for MS this time around not having the benefit of better third party exclusives because of hard to decipher hardware from the PS3 and a year head start

omi25p2109d ago

Sony didn't make GTA it was on pc first made by rockstar.

Nice try though

Why o why2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I think he said made it was it is today..... nice try yourself. . . . if you dont understand its like xbox made mass effect before it went multi and gears what they are today or sony making most of the ex exclusives turned multiplat games some were craving at gen start what they were today. If you've been a gamer long enough you'll know what I mean and him. Ill always associate gears with xbox like I do a whole heap of games with playstation whatever platform the games are released on.

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UnholyLight2109d ago


I game on Xbox 360 so I am gonna try and remember back but is Epic and Gears not a Microsoft exclusive franchise??

Maybe not a 1st party developer but is it not something that you could call a "2nd party developer" because they have a very strong relationship with Microsoft but are not exactly tied down to them??

kupomogli2109d ago

They've already stated Gears is not a Microsoft owned IP as others have stated. They're also not a second party developer, they've released Unreal Tournament 3 and Bulletstorm on all platforms.

Most of Epic's money comes from their game engines rather than their games. They develop graphics engines for developers to create games on all systems.

UnholyLight2108d ago

I don't even really know what a 2nd party dev would be but I just mean that Epic just has one of those relationships that would likely keep Gears near and dear to the Xbox only. That's me viewing it in an unbiased way. But of course, Mass Effect began on Xbox but did not stay so I see your point but I just can't really see Gears going multi plat any time soon.

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mistertwoturbo2109d ago

It will never go multiplatform because Microsoft owns the Gears of War IP. It's like you will never see God of War on a microsoft console.

With that said, Epic Games needs a new IP for the next consoles.

mistertwoturbo2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Hmm well I'm an idiot. That's right, Epic are the ones that owns the IP. Microsoft just has the exclusive rights to it.

SilentNegotiator2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Microsoft is not giving up exclusivity to the IP any time soon.

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xtremeimport2109d ago

I own all 3 of these games. But I am struggling to enjoy just finishing the 1st game. I'm not sure that it can offer a lot in the next generation. Its just gonna start being the same game over and over.

really want to like these games, so please dont think just because I dislike them is why I don't think they'll last. I just don't think they're my type of game.

joab7772109d ago

It will be interesting to see how these juugernaut ips r used next gen. Halo was a crossover, but this gen saw many huge new ips that were very successful. How ell will cod fare? Can Respawn's new game be one of the first new ips that chanhes gaming? Destiny will be very big. Watch dogs looks exciting. But, the economy is bad and new consoles r a risky endeavor. We were shown killzone and infamous already. Many older ips may be leaned on for revenue early on. I am patient though, as long as Irrational gets to work on next gen Bioshock starting April

talisker2109d ago

I think it wouldn't pay off. For example, I'm not interested in buying any more Gears games after those 3 I played. Their mechanics in now really old and boring.

MYSTERIO3602108d ago

Theres a slight chance Gears may come on the PS4. Epic games did say the PS4 was an ''ideal next gen platform''.

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SlavisH22109d ago

of course there will be a next gen gears. Just like there will be GTA, MGS, Halo, Uncharted, COD, AC,...

BanBrother2109d ago

Yes but Gears is an Xbox exclusive silly. That is why there are never any positive comments about it on THIS site and why it isn't allowed to have another game but any other franchise is.

HammadTheBeast2109d ago

No it's just a bad game overall now, and they keep screwing it up. If you're going to be quality sequels, go for it.

BanBrother2109d ago


Your point has no merit.

Gears 1: 94 meta
Gears 2: 93 meta
Gears 3: 91 meta

Gears Judgment isn't even out yet, so I will reserve judgement. You can't call a game bad when it isn't even out yet, that is just idiotic beyond belief.

Also, there is the fact that you are never to warm to anything MS or Xbox related... so go away.

Hydralysk2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


I'm not a fan of Gears for many reasons, art design and story mostly, though I do respect that it pioneered third person cover mechanics, but it's not a terrible game by any means.

That said while I don't think gears is a bad game, you really shouldn't try to use metacritic scores as proof of a games quality. For example, Fallout 3 has a way higher metacritic score than NV despite most people I talk to prefering NV.

2109d ago
PockyKing2109d ago


You call 94-91 a decline? Wow. That's like, about as steady of a percentile rating I've seen for a trilogy.

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Drakesfortune2109d ago

I like Gears of War franchise but I have no interest in judgement day at all. Since this Gen is coming to an end it just feels like Microsoft have paid epic to make another geow game to fill the gap between now and the release of there new console as they have very little exclusives coming out this year and went with an established ip rather than create a new one....

Geow needs to go on a break.

GraveLord2109d ago

Gears needs a rest. If they do bring it over to next-gen it needs to have new characters and everything. Gameplay also needs a next-gen flavor.

Monstar2109d ago

Halo needs a rest...gears doesn't. No other 3rd person shooter plays like gears of war. Judgement is a fresh outake for the series...the one for next gen is surely to change. Don't like it...DON'T PLAY IT.

Clarence2109d ago

I think M$ would pay epic a lot of money to remain exclusive.

DonFreezer2109d ago

Just like Sony pays japanese developers to keep most jrpgs this days.

princeofthabay2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I don't think Sony has to pay Japanese developers anything seeing as Xbox says like 400 a week in Japan, and it wouldn't make since to make a port that won't sell very well.