Xbox Ultimate Games Sale Deals for 3rd March

Today’s deals have finally appeared on the dash and there are some gooduns…

Including The Orange Box, Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3 and Metal Gear HD Collection, here’s a list of the 24 hour deals…

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dazzrazz1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

In case somebody was wondering Metal Gear HD Disc version contains MGS 2, 3, and Peace Walker. GoD version drops Peace Walker, which is available separately.

xPhearR3dx1694d ago

It kinda says that in the article....... :/

ALLWRONG1694d ago

I guess I'll grab Batman

Athonline1694d ago

Batman: AC was a great game! ;-) Definitely recommend it!

aviator1891694d ago

awesome deals, grabbed arkham asylum.

omi25p1694d ago

Wow batman for 2 quid.

Thatlalala1694d ago

Uh the Deals still are not up there 6 pm est. Only Batman AA is up. Tried just searching for said games and still at the original price.

Thatlalala1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Edit: Some will say $39.99/$24.99... etc. But when you go to confirm purchase it will change, Excpet for MGS it says $9.99 but when you got to checkout goes back up to $24.99. It's all fucked up in the US dont know about the rest of the world though.

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The story is too old to be commented.