PS Vita 32GB and 8GB memory cards discounted at Best Buy

Best Buy is selling the PS Vita' 8GB and 32GB memory cards at a hefty discount this week so if you need to upgrade now is the time.

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GribbleGrunger1993d ago

Now if you could download Vita games onto your PS4 and play them remotely ... That would be a very interesting proposition.

CNCOMICS1992d ago

That would defeat the purpose of the Vita.

Despite the announcement of the PS4/Vita connectivity, the Vita is not a Wii U gamepad.

dazzrazz1993d ago

I don't see how 32GB proprietary flash card going even for $75 is considered a "great deal" You can get the same storage capacity flash cards in same range of Class10 for $30 and less ! Basically its a giant ripoff

OpenGL1993d ago

Exactly, the fact that a UHS-1 64GB microSD card can be had for less than this "discounted" 32GB Vita card is quite sad.

nnotdead1993d ago

This really is the biggest reason I haven't bought a Vita. They need to get a lot closer to 1GB to $1 for me jump on board. Don't see that happening though.

porkChop1993d ago

What makes it even worse is that the Vita's cards are WAY slower than Class 10 SD cards. The cards are just a way to ripoff the consumer and make tons of money.

wtfbbq81993d ago

umm amazon has 32GB at $ 75 too so I don't think thats a great deal lol

sdozzo1993d ago

I'm a bum who rolls with one 4GB and I just upload and switch stuff via the PS3.

nevin11993d ago

Isnt that too tedious?

Skate-AK1993d ago

I do it. It's not too bad. Gotta do what you gotta do.

sdozzo1992d ago

I had an 8GB but it become corrupted. Literally, can't format or turn on the vita with it in.

tubers1993d ago

I was like that too.. got myself a 16 GB and it ain't even enough xD

Rikuson11993d ago

I started off with a 16gb now i want a 32gb

CNCOMICS1993d ago

Damn, I was hoping for a better price than that on the 32GB. I paid that much via eBay when I got my card in October.

Oh well, can't buy stuff on PSN if space is at a premium.

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The story is too old to be commented.