Why The PS4 Will Launch In October

Super PolyPixel - Since the semi-unveiling of the PS4, the closest to a launch date we have is a window. “Holiday Season”, they say, is when to expect the next generation of Sony consoles. That’s when we’ll be able to put controller to hand and see for ourselves just how impressive everything is. The holiday season, however, is incredibly vague so I’m going to try to make it clearer.

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GiantFriendlyCrab1724d ago

october in NA and december in JP and EU

platformmaster9181724d ago

That would be perfect both for Sony and for me. I'm looking to get 2 and sell one on eBay to offset the cost of the one I'm keeping


just as bad as them horrid tick touts who buy tickets just to sell at over inflated prices to people.

Reborn1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Why not just buy one then?....

@arq that would be nice, but doubtful.

Mookie1724d ago

That's what I'm saying haha flipping shit.
I was thinking about getting 2 and keeping one and get the other painted by colorware like a candy apple red color and sell it for a cool 800 or 1000
Idk tho

Genuine-User1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

You will deny the purchase of a Playstation 4 at its original price?
Shame on you sir.

Jaqen_Hghar1724d ago

A man agrees. A man knows the economy is tough and those who would spend 800-1000 on a console have the income to spare if they really can't be patient. A man will do the same.

T21724d ago

I say good luck to you sir but I dont think there ll be mass shortages ... Just like preorder games ... Place like gamestop runs out of your preorder while I just walk into walmart and purchase day one ... Seen it million times

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seanpitt231724d ago

Hope your right because it would make a great christmas present and great sales for sony

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Cam9771724d ago

This is going to be one unforgettable Christmas.
Watch Dogs, Infamous and many more great titles will make for an amazing launch lineup.

Jek_Porkins1724d ago

Holiday 2013 is November and onward. Consoles usually launch in mid to late November, wishing for it earlier wont change things. The don't even have a final design on the console itself, and people want to believe it's going to launch in like 6-7 months?

Jaqen_Hghar1724d ago

A man would say "holidays" is flexible. By late October most are in the holiday mood. A console should give itself breathing room before BF sales start anyway.

Jek_Porkins1724d ago

I'm not sure what your deal is, or why you talk like that, but I don't get it.

Go ahead and think new consoles are coming in'll just be disappointed. When has a Sony console or Microsoft console ever launched in October?

AsimLeonheart1724d ago

You havent watched Game of Thrones Season 2? Jaqen Hghar is a character who speaks like that. However, he is a lot more enigmatic and impressive than this guy. I can understand why he is a fan of the characters and tries to speak like him.

Jaqen_Hghar1724d ago


A man would point out the PS2 launched in October and PSone launched in September. A man would also recommend Game of Thrones for a user's next show to watch.

BitbyDeath1724d ago

'I'm not sure what your deal is, or why you talk like that, but I don't get it.'

He's a servant to the god of many faces.

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MysticStrummer1724d ago

"I'm not sure what your deal is, or why you talk like that, but I don't get it."

He got his name from a character in the Game of Thrones books/series who talks like that.

I agree. PS4 most likely won't be out in October. JP usually gets the new Sony consoles first if I remember correctly, but I suppose it's possible they may try to do a simultaneous PS4 launch in JP and NA to give them a little extra time on the US market. I'm guessing mid to late November at the earliest.

T21724d ago

If its Nov they better have 2 million ready for black friday

fOrlOnhOpe571724d ago

Wont launch in October, here in Europe. Not even a 2013 release, damn it :(

TemplarDante1724d ago

Day 1 baby!
Day 1!
Day 1 weather sites, people, pc fanboys say its not worth it.
It is worth it to me!

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