Naruto Storm 3: All Ultimate Jutsus

All of the special attacks in Naruto Storm 3, by each of the 80 playable characters, in English and Japanese.

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tayz1816d ago

EPIC TO THE MAXXX!! hell yeah!!!

crxss1815d ago

they really didn't add anything... *sigh

AdmiralSnake1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

So much copy and pasting......they showed so much more in the anime and manga...and they still have some lame Ultimate jutsus for some of these characters....smh

WTF how does Konan STILL have that lame Ult after all they showed of her fighting TOBI ? WOW....So disappointed in some of these characters...

PS4isKing_821815d ago

What did you expect being a yearly release? Most of the dev time went into the boss battles and single player story mode in this game. And the smaller aspects like the UJ weren't given the same treatment. Gotta admit tho the demo was alot more fun then I thought it would be. Somehow the graphics in these naruto games always win me over regardless how mediocre the gameplay actually is.

trenso11815d ago

I still prefer the 1 storm to all the others especially especially since you had more health bar awakenings had ultimates and you could even stop an ultimate with I thought was fair

d3nworth11815d ago

The thing with the ultimate in storm 1 was that you had to input the buttons before the other player which works fine offline but online lag being an issue that mechanic just wouldnt work. Which is why Storm 1 has no online mode while the others do but without that mechanic.

trenso11815d ago

I don't care about online lag, the game already lags enough plus online it's fun at all when everyone figures out op combos that can reduce your health to nothing in two jutsus. Also with the edition of the substitution bar online has gone down even further for me. I didn't even play online in generations

d3nworth11815d ago

They took out that ability to stop ultimate because it wouldnt work online due to lag. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be trying to press the correct button in a laggy match. Personally I with the could have found some other way to do it rather than scrapping it altogether.