Fake "Modern Warfare 4 Beta" site launches on web address of the same name

There never seems to be a shortage of scams online. As speculation grows that Activision’s next installment in the Call of Duty series will be “Modern Warfare 4″, the number of fake sites will grow that prey on people hoping to get an invite to the beta version of the game. This week, the so-called “social network 4 gamers” website that goes by the shortened name “Sn4gamers”, launched a fake Modern Warfare 4 Beta website on the matching domain name: The fake Beta site has been set up to do nothing more than deceive users and drive up Sn4gamers’s Facebook likes and views on their other social networking accounts.

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CaptainYesterday1995d ago

It seems like this always happens I hope no one falls for it people should know that CoD never has an open beta.

Upbeat1994d ago

there was an open beta for world at war

trenso11994d ago

Well no recent cod has a open beta

Upbeat1994d ago

@trenso1 thats prpbaly because no one would buy the finished product when beta users see all the glitchs and terrible map designs

Knight_Crawler1994d ago

Not again...I remember someone when someone created the MW3 website that would redirect you to the Battlefield website.

stage881994d ago

That was pretty hilarious.

1994d ago
0pie1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

lol its funny to see how people try to exploit stupid and dumb people.

MasterD9191993d ago

Yet, MW4 is inevitably coming...most likely this year.