Next-Gen Consoles releasing in October?

Does the recent influx in game announcements and the new Assassin's Creed 4 trailer mean that the next-gen consoles will be releasing in October?

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iGAM3R-VIII1879d ago

The PS4 event made it clear that it would make it in holiday 2013, unless they made it later than expected or the next Assassins Creed will come in holiday 2013 as well.

piroh1879d ago

PS3 was delayed due to the new technology Bluray and Cell, this time they used highly enhanced PC parts and GDDR5 ram, hope the goods will be delivered in time

decrypt1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

"thing is a monster"

We dont know that yet, its based on a mobile platform designed to be energy efficent.. let the hardware rollout first before labeling it "a monstster" lol

Cell was something new, hence there were problems getting the yields up.

GDDR 5 has been available since the last 3-4 years. Its nothing new, they just need to get 8GB of it thats not a big deal.

Only issue can be the APU since its the first time an APU is getting equipped with a decent GPU. Though really shouldnt be a concern should be fine.


Nothing essentially is "Highly enhanced PC parts"..

GDDR 5 is just GDDR 5 its been used for years. No reason to call that "Highly Enhanced". In fact faster GDDR 5 RAM is already out there nvm 9 months later.

The APU yea thats something new, however by the time PS4 is out, i am sure AMD will be selling simular parts for the PC too, not like its going to be a record breaking performance part. Its going to be used for people who want lowest possible cost and best possible performance with it.

Edit: Funny people disagreeing with facts. People just want to pretend or live in a delusion that GDDR 5 is so alien tech and is not currently available lol.

Irishguy951879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

"Highly enhanced PC parts"

What does that even mean? Did they put more transistors in the parts? Did they enhance the Ram? Did they improve the GPU beyond it's performance?

Not a monster either. Jesus, can't come into an article without seeing someone make up BS about the Ps4. There is nothing special about the hardware that would cause a delay.

Just call them what they are. Mid gaming spec PC parts. Not 'highly enhanced PC parts'

BitbyDeath1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


They are modified parts even Sony had pointed this out in the conference.
Read the article below to gain further insight-

"Next up we have the CPU/GPU configuration.

Again, what Sony has done with the PS4 is something that PC builders simply cannot do yet."

FlameBaitGod1879d ago

lol I know, I mean does everyone who applies for a journalist job get it?

Rockefellow1879d ago

99% of articles on N4G aren't from journalists. They're from people who started their own website for free games and advertising money, and come here to leech page views.

They couldn't even pass an introductory journalism class at a community college if they tried.

JsonHenry1879d ago

Just because it says it will be released on next gen consoles doesn't mean it will be available on those consoles on the games release date or that the consoles themselves will be available at the time of release.

platformmaster9181879d ago

October launch would be great. The only thing better would be a September one but that's a stretch (psone released in september)

Fateful_Knight1879d ago

Third week in November is usually the sweet spot. That guarantees an Xmas sellout. But i can see Oct., which might put Sony ahead of MS by a month.

gamernova1879d ago

MS haven't even said anything about their next gen console. O.o

Anyway, I think the sooner the better. If they accompany the ps4 with a nice price cut to the ps3, both will be flying off the shelf and that only means good things for Sony.

Wintersun6161879d ago

I like the sound of October. It would give me the perfect excuse to buy it day 1 despite whatever it might cost, because my birthday's in October. I don't need an excuse to buy pricey consoles, but my wife does. Lol.

telekineticmantis1879d ago

(I'll be selling my PS3 upon PS4 launch)

They better figure out what they're gonna do about backwards compatibility. If they expect me to buy the Last of US, God of War Ascension, or any of my PS3 titles twice they've lost there minds.

They better find a way to use my account, and maybe the online passes since they are one of a kind to give me the game free for PS4. It's bad enough if they are trying to tell me my physical copy is going to waste, but if they're telling me I have to buy another copy, you might be losing alot of people with that.

T9001879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

There wont be any BC. Thats pretty much a given. None of your PS3 games or PSN games will work on the PS4.

For BC to happen they would have to include some of the PS3 hardware on the PS4, thats not gonna happen due to costs.

Emulation isnt easy. If it was we would have seen it on the PC by now.


Why should MS and Sony sell consoles with BC?

They make money selling remakes, so why lose that opportunity? also they will want people to go out and buy new games, if old games work on the new hardware than people tend to slow down buying new games. However if old games dont work, everyone is going to be running to get new games.

Hence it makes more sense as a business not to support BC.

You want BC so much PC is the ultimate solution for Multiplats atleast. I currently own over 200 games on Steam. None of those are going away just because a new gen is coming.

sdozzo1879d ago

MS and Sony might both be telling people that. To have backwards compatibility would raise the cost of the system.

Darrius Cole1879d ago

The more news I hear, the more time that passes, the more I think that the PS4 launch model(s) will be backwards compatibility. With the amount of games releasing this year people are going to have to decide whether they want a PS3 or a PS4. With lots of new PS3 games releasing this year and what will not doubt be a cheaper price, many people will choose the PS3 even though they have money for a PS4. Sony won't want to leave that money on the table. Not too mention that the most faith Playstation customers, those who adopt early and buy lots of games will lose their entire libraries with no BC.

I think BC will find its way into the PS4 by launch.

cayleee1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


"You want BC so much PC is the ultimate solution."

Lol no need. Most of us will just get 2 - 3 jobs and buy back all the games we had on the PS2, PS3 for the PS4. If the jobs arent enoufh there always is the parents pension fund.


"With the amount of games releasing this year people are going to have to decide whether they want a PS3 or a PS4"

Sony arent dumb they wont want to overprice the PS4 besides they know we can get extra jobs. Problem fixed. In fact Sony recommend people get 2 jobs.

Sitdown1879d ago

How much are you realistically expecting to get from the ps3 to make it worth selling? I figure I might as well keep it as a quality bluray player as well as for bc...and for all the other games I already own.

Hicken1879d ago

To be honest, that sounds like you being ridiculous. You're gonna sell your PS3, then look at Sony like THEY'RE the crazy ones for wanting you to buy PS3 games?

telekineticmantis1879d ago

your point is. As an adult I feel like I don't need to have a bunch of unnecessary consoles in my house when I can money from it to buy a better one. Xbox 360 gone PS3 gone, what's the sense of collecting them.

What I'm saying is I like probably many others. and people I've spoken to, don't see the point in buying a game now, and having no use for it ever again at the end of the year, because there are better consoles on the market. Aren't PC fanboys absolutely right on this one?

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