Tearaway - "We want to create a Open-World-Feeling", says Media Molecule

According to Media Molecule, they want to create a Open-World-Feeling with her newest project Tearaway.

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Rockefellow1541d ago

I'm surprised they were incompetent enough to have made such a grammatically backwards comment!

sherimae24131541d ago

open-world-feeling.... i like the sound of it!
im also getting this game along with killzone mercenary

tubers1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

It's so cute! I wish you could make your own character..

I feel bad since it looks so boring and shallow to me.

Guess that's why it won't cost full VITA retail and isn't in physical carts.. They didn't think it was worth it.


Guess it is retail.. could've sworn it wasn't when I read an older IGN article.

PhoenixRising371539d ago

oh media molecule, how you continue to impress us so much with every dang game is so great. Every time I watch new footage of any MM game before it comes out has my jaw drop.