Impulse Gamer - Blastpoints Review

Impulse Gamer - Based in the distant future, Blastpoints is all about frenetic, fast-paced action as you pilot a spacecraft in a enemy-filled space arena. You begin with a rather basic spacecraft equipped with basic lasers and missiles and are able to select one of several of the arenas in addition to the level of difficulty : most arenas involve maneouvring around a large space station or space obstacle (like the level called "Pipe" which is a just large pipe floating in space) whilst enemies swarm around trying to make spacejunk out of you. Destroying enemy spacecraft and completing objectives earns Blastpoints, that can be used in the Garage to upgrade your primary and secondary weapons, your spacecraft and attain some use-once items. Objectives are limited and not particularly varied with the majority of objectives involving destroying some or all of the enemy spacecraft or surviving a level, all within a certain amount of time.

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