The 20 Most Evil Corporations in Videogame History

According to the vast majority of videogames (also: movies, TV, comics, etc.) out there, corporations are mostly huge assholes – constantly trying to wipe out humanity, develop crazy technology, and generally doing all kinds of malevolent acts in the name of the bottom line. They're more than willing to actively murder their customer base, use their employees as glorified guinea pigs, and relentlessly pursue insane goals that must have been really tough to pitch in a board meeting (how many PowerPoints devoted to the pros and cons of a zombie apocalypse have there been?). Here is a list of some of the biggest, meanest job providers to face a miserable third quarter thanks to one plucky hero.

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GreenRanger1780d ago

Capcom, EA, Microsoft, Activision...oh wait, this is evil companies in games!
I thought it was real life evil.

zerocrossing1780d ago

It's an easy mistake considering they are equally as evil.

ApolloTheBoss1780d ago

LOL I thought the same thing.

GusBricker1780d ago

You forgot Sony and Nintendo.

rhcpfan1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Nah, Sony only cares about the gamers according to N4G...

ritsuka6661780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Capcom ( aka crapcom) are worst all companies.

[email protected]

Haha ,yeha!

GamingWorldPeace1780d ago

Capcom tricked me in paying for DLCz that were already on the disc. Those EVIL S.O.B.

dboyman1780d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing...

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deno1780d ago

I'd say EA and Activision with their microtransactions.

unchartedxplorer1780d ago

It's evil corporations in VIDEO GAMES although I don't blame you for making that mistake. It's an easy one to make

deno1780d ago

I wasn't making a mistake. I do know it's about video game corporations. Someone started it and I couldn't help myself. lol!

Capt-FuzzyPants1780d ago

It's not an easy mistake if they actually read more than the title. I know all of these comments are sarcasm though. But on other articles people say stuff completely irrelevant to the story.

x5exotic1780d ago

DmC's evil corporations for being unapologetically unoriginal.

MrAnderson1780d ago

As unapologetically unoriginal as your comment?

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