As the PlayStation 4 Makes Its Debut, Sony Needs to Provide a Satisfactory "Why"

1up - We take a look at what we already know and what Sony needs to do in revealing the PS4.

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Chaostar1968d ago

As far as I'm concerned all we need is a few more games, a look at the system itself and a decent price.

Some in depth info on the UI and some of the finer details of the features and network wouldn't hurt either.

iGAM3R-VIII1968d ago

Agree, I am sure when E3 comes we will learn more like what the console looks like and even more launch games and of course the price.

Felonycarclub81968d ago

Why ask why, am a gamer and I don't ask why.

ssbains1968d ago

Only question is How much? And can you start takng pre- orders soon

MysticStrummer1968d ago

Why? Because this generation has stretched out quite a bit longer than the previous ones did. There are still great current gen games coming, but it's time to at least reveal what's in store for next gen. Technically next gen is already here because of WiiU, though many people, myself included, don't think of WiiU as next gen.

Donnieboi1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

ACTUALLY, the title of this article should have been:

"As 1up makes it's exit into journalism oblivion, why are they trying so hard to slam Sony?"