The 7 Hottest Characters from New Video Games

Was there really once a time when Ms. Pac-Man represented the height of feminine representation in video games?

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ritsuka6661938d ago

Oh my god, yes. Lightning is the most perfect thing in the entire world.I feel that way at least :p

Godmars2901938d ago

Lightning invalid. Square made an effort to push her as a popular character whereas everyone else on that list "earned" their status.

Mounce1938d ago

That and she was sorta made to deliberately be.... a Female, Tomboy-version of Cloud instead of the reserved-angst-emo type of Cloud that Cloud was.


Pozzle1938d ago

She's not even in the top 7 best Final Fantasy girls imo, let alone top 7 video game girls alltogether.

AdmiralSnake1938d ago

This is kind of a meh list....Where is Cloe...or Elena from uncharted ?

DEATHxTHExKIDx1938d ago

looks like this list is aimed at really recent or upcoming games.

AdmiralSnake1938d ago

Yeah're right about that.

x5exotic1938d ago

Chloe is under the "ugly even with make-up" category
and Elena is ugly however, whenever.

1938d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.