First 'Assassin's Creed IV' Trailer Disappoints with a Lack of Assassination

Forbes - Do you like pirates? If the answer is yes, chances are you’ll like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (AC4), which promises a Captain Blood (1935)-style adventure on the high seas. If you don’t like pirates, you’ll likely be disappointed. And if you like the AC saga, you’ll be disappointed even further: In this two-minute trailer, which has been leaked before its official release on Monday, there’s very little here that resembles the series we know and love.

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Root1996d ago's basically a new IP with AC shoehorned in their

To have the cheek aswell to name it AC4 aswell when they could of used that for something else is ridiculous. It shows you how desperate they are.

Theres nothing about this which makes me think of it as an AC game.

It's supposed to be about Templars vs Assassins...not Pirates

Double_Oh_Snap1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Your an idiot. The trailer clearly shows a ton of what AC is. They will always have Templars vs Assassins. AC has also always been about going back to a era of historical significance. Walking around being immersed in all it has to offer from the Architecture, people, to the look ect...

If you really wan't to go to the bare bones though AC is about
Social Stealth/Free Running/Assassinations.

If you payed attention at all Edward is a pirate turned Assassin. What that means is he still lives in both worlds. If you watch the trailer Black Beard clearly says don't mettle in his private life. Then the trailer quick cuts to yes a ASSASSINATION which it doesn't lack like the dumb article says.

Edward stabs a Templar grabs the girl to get away without being noticed an to leave the scene quickly.

I'm also so glad you seem to know everything about a game based a 2 minute video and box art. You know gameplay mechanics, exploration aspects, story ect...

MikeMyers1996d ago

He does it ALL the time. Jumps to conclusions and wants to start heated debates with his assumptions and his discontent with the gaming industry. He feels everything should stay to their roots which is probably why he chose that username.

The last Assassins Creed got major positive feedback from the ship scenes so it's no wonder they want to exploit that.

It's funny how all these hardcore gamers don't like change and want games to fail regardless if they are fun all for fear of change and new directions.

Root1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

"Your an idiot"

Great way to start a reply...shows you how immature you are anyway.

"I'm also so glad you seem to know everything about a game based a 2 minute video and box art"

It's AC...they've been the same since the start...

The point is you can obviously see they wanted to do a pirate game but decided to turn AC into one instead. When you watch the trailers to AC-AC2-Brotherhood/Revelations you knew it was about Assassins vs Templars but this just has a Pirate theme all away through it.

The ending with him attacking a "templar" just seems thrown in there in my opinion, it wasn't the focus on the trailer/game it just seems to be there to make it SEEM it's still about Templars.


Oh for the love of god can you get off my back, you attack me in nearly all of your posts to me and in the end you just make yourself look sad.

Listen Mike...YOU CAN...judge something before you play it because like AC you know what to expect, we've seen it all before. Why do you keep trying to make a point of this towards me, the samel old crap in everyone of your off topic replys towards me

Why do you attack anyone who has an opinion on something. You love to attack people who doesn't share the same opinion as you, you proved this in EVERY dmc article you were in.

Every bloody comment towards me is always off topic as well. It's getting really sad...

MikeMyers1996d ago


Calm down. I'm not attacking you, I am showing your patterns of always coming to conclusions before we even know how things will be in the end. Whether it's about DMC, Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, the next Xbox and so on. It's how you seem to keep jumping the gun.

DMC was a reboot and it got great reviews and is a fun game but it was a departure. That's why it was a reboot and not DMC 5. Same thing with Tomb Raider, it's a reboot and looks to be a very good game. Dead Space 3 was going towards a more mainstream series, but most of your issues stem with EA.

You keep going on and on and sometimes enough is enough. Yes you have every right to voice your opinion but you take hardcore gaming to a whole new level. How many times do you have to say the same thing day in and day out. You flooded the topics on DMC and seem to keep doing it on other games. Say your piece and move on, is that really that hard to do?

I can see why they are making more of pirates because as I said, there was incredible feedback from the ship scene in the last one. Have you played the full game of this upcoming one? You cannot judge the full game on a trailer yet you keep doing it. Relax. Wait for the game to come out before you run wild in every article about it.

Maybe you should step back from the keyboard and take a breather. Your negativity is getting the best of you.

phantomexe1996d ago

I loved the way it looked but i'll buy anything AC.The underwater scene looked great. The ship fights in AC3 were great.

HammadTheBeast1996d ago

I don't like that it's this though. Could've been more diverse in my opinion.

charted1996d ago

I'm actually excited about this game. AC3 lacked something for me, I have yet to finish the game. But that is just me.

But this game, changes a lot of things compared the previous titles. For example. Pirates and also the Environment. The sea adds bit of exploring factor, sailing unto shores and finding treasures.

And the graphics are good as usual, from Ubisoft.

On another matter, Ubisoft are pushing these games out like crayzay. Awesome stuff. Hopefully the quality will match this.

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Double_Oh_Snap1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

"'s basically a new IP with AC shoehorned in their "

" It's supposed to be about Templars vs Assassins...not Pirates"

Yeah your an idiot, and again I'm immature after I call you an idiot because you make idiotic statements with no proof to back them okay...

ThichQuangDuck1996d ago

The templars are ninjas. So it is ninjas vs pirates. But really assassin pirate isn't necessarily me. I wish they had gone a more interesting route,but will wait until more gameplay until I fully judge. Personally I have gotten exhausted of creed games after the 4 I have already played not including 3 because I haven't gotten to it yet and have heard mixed things. I guess I wanted and expected more alternate history rather than restrictive syncs and linear story wise. It is a game that would benefit from allowing choice and different paths. However what I am now describing is more witcher than anything,but I do enjoy their attempts at history.

CaptainYesterday1996d ago

I need to see some more gameplay before I get interested in this game could turn out to be a better Assassins Creed or it could be more of the same we will have to wait and see :)

x5exotic1996d ago

The series never felt swift enough to be about assassination anyway... so a Pirate's Creed is interesting enough.

HacSawJimThugin1996d ago

I haven't played AC since 2 but I like pirates and booty so this may be up me alley.

Sam Fisher1996d ago

Thought i was the only person that caught that too, lol. They argue and not realise the first word is incorrect lmao.

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