Kids Reveal The Real Flaws Of Free-To-Play Games

Kotaku - If a certain system can be used to trick children into spending thousands of dollars, then it's probably not a very ethical system.

I won't stand here and tell you that microtransactions are the devil. I won't even call them a necessary evil. "Evil" is too strong a word. Cliff Bleszinski did a good job of defending them here yesterday. But the freemium model is still a deeply flawed system, as evidenced by the five-year-old who (more or less accidentally) spent $2,500 of his parents' money in the free-to-play game Zombies vs Ninja this week. He's not the only one, either—there are so many similar cases that this week Apple had to settle a class-action suit brought by distraught and disgruntled parents who felt their kids had been exploited.

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