Have You Heard About The Graphics In Crysis 3?

Kotaku - Whoo boy, those Crysis 3 graphics. I knew they were good, but I had no idea you could get so enthusiastic about it. I guess I underestimated the passion of bros.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1965d ago

This sums up a lot of PC gamers haha.

zerocrossing1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Wouldn't it be great if genuinely good games, with good stories, game mechanics and fleshed out characters where actually considered more important than "teh graphics"...

BattleAxe1965d ago

Not if you're a PC gamer.

raytraceme1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Thing with crysis 2 and 3 is that its a decently linear game with almost no Physics. Where are the destructible environments crytek? The water isn't even dynamic in crysis.

While Resistance had water that looked like goo, it was still dynamic and would have displacement depending on how something hits the water. A grenade would displace the water more than a bullet. In crysis everything displaces the water equally.

With Crysis' graphics, battlefield's destruction and lighting, Resistance's water effects, and way more efficient coding, Cryengine 3 would be perfect.

chaos-lockheart1965d ago


It's just how they make the game, not a graphical issue.

ProjectVulcan1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Console only gamers forgetting which platform has the biggest and most thriving community for Indie titles as well as the origin of many huge console games which aren't 'all about teh grafix'.

You know Trials HD you love? Minecraft? Portal? GTA even?

PC can do both, and most PC gamers aren't just obsessed with cutting edge graphics, often embracing stuff like minecraft regularly and turning it into the huge deal it is now from nothing....

T9001965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Let see:

Isnt it console gamers who are stuck on the same type of games all the time with little to no innovation. Console game releases look like this Shooter, Shooter, Third person shooter, Shooter, Third person shooter,Racer, Platformer, Third person shooter, Platformer, Shooter.

Thats pretty much it.

Lol at people saying PC gamers are all about graphics. Check out Steam right now. More people are playing Dota 2 than anything else. Dota 2 is hardly a game that would qualify for graphics. Its a new concept, its complex and fun as hell to play.

Mean while All console only gamers are doing is playing Shooters like COD.

While PC gamers have release lists like:

RTS, Shooter, Moba, RPG, MMO, Simulator, Third Person shooter, Platformer, Racer etc.

Console gaming in recently history has been all about one genre in particular mass shooters all of them trying to clone COD, thats all the innovation you get there.

Some of the greatest games of today came to life as mods on the PC: Portal, Dota, Counter Strike say hi.

akaakaaka1965d ago Show
T9001965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


Real games like what? COD? thats whats the highest played game on console. Same crap year on year.

Judging by your name you seem like a Playstation fan, go on name me an exclusive for that matter that people actually play beyond that 10hr Campaign? KZ? UC? Mag 256?

From what i have heard the servers are dead no one plays those games online any more. So much for being real games.

Check out Team fortress 2 5 years old still many play it, Check out Dota 2 not even released yet and has more people playing it than most first party Sony games get played at launch (MP).

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FlameBaitGod1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Yeah like console gamers don't fight between which console has better graphics, hypocrite much >? Not talking about the vid btw, this is a reply to Harry

Sam Fisher1965d ago

It sounds funny when two pc gamers are arguing, they sound like military men talking about guns, for e.g. "I have a Falcon Northwest Quad with a built in etc, or a gddr 5 aspec hard dou etc". Sounds like youre building a bomb

omi25p1965d ago

Actually he would only be a hypocrite if you had proof he goes into a console debate and starts saying "DA GWAFFICS"!

FlameBaitGod1965d ago

Um i said consoles gamers, not him, learn to read bro ?

HarryMasonHerpderp1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


Yeah console gamers do it too.
Most PC guys (not all PC guys) tend to go on and on about graphics a lot more though.
Herp derping about their specs and how awesome Crysis looks instead of what the game actual plays like, which is pretty average apparently.
Not hating on PC guys, they should just admit they do do it a lot and laugh about it.
It's no big deal, I would go on about it too if I'd spent a ton of money on a PC.

edit: reading the comments further down seems like I've pissed off a lot of PC guys. Why are you all taking this so seriously? I meant no offence.

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DwightOwen1965d ago


As if you would know, fanboy.

I own Crysis 3 on both PC and PS3, and the console version's framerate is goddamn UNPLAYABLE by comparison, never mind "THE GRAPHICS!"

sway_z1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

You sir, are a liar and a charlatan!

...Crysis 3 is more than playable on PS3...The frame rate is obviously lower than a £800 - £1,000 top spec PC...but please don't misinform people that Crysis 3 is unplayable on the sub £200 PS3.

I have played Crysis 3 (Highest settings/V sync off) on PC, and the PS3 version 'by comparison' is very respectable considering it's 7 year old hardware with a fraction of the power

morganfell1965d ago

Dead on the nail sway. I cut my gaming teeth on the PC and have a huge library of PC titles and have been beta testing Steam on Linux from the earliest iteration. Yet I shake my head at the remarks by people such as Dwight.

A comment such as "unplayable", which is nothing more than a blatant lie merely demonstrates the degree to which the desperate will resort. PC gamers are the largest group of "all cry and no buy" you will find in gaming. It is no wonder companies would rather build for a console than for a pirate that runs a PC put together with duct tape, coat hangers, and 5 year old drivers.

I have a Falcon Northwest Quad setup but the fact is most gamers do not. Yet most PC promoters act as if everyone runs the latest graphics card and CPU with 16GB of RAM. But one thing you can say about every PS3 gamer is the ability of the console to play the games equally. The same is true for 360 gamers.

Now with next gen truly on top of us PC gamers are pulling out all stops in a desperate measure to cast doubt and dispersion before they are once again relegated to the back seat of publishing preference. If they think things are bad now, wait until the PS4 launches and very staisfied developers really give them the cold shoulder.

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-Falaut-1965d ago Show
scott1821965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


I don't think anyone ever said PS3 was as good as the PC version. I have never played the game myself but I have seen videos of it played on PS3 and PC(the PC version should look way better). They do look damn similar to me though, infact I think the game itself looks like a turd to be honest. It seems you don't like it when people have opinions different from yours, grow up, you talk like a spoiled little kid.

Baka-akaB1965d ago

Some of you guys need to get your stories straight and coherent at least . People can't keep making the point that pc gaming is cheaper , that you dont need to make a lot of expenses for a good gaming pc - which is somewhat true - while claiming that console gamers , yet forking so much into their consoles and games are just broke .

It makes some people looks like raving lunatics

sway_z1965d ago


Why so much Venom?

Just chill, I'm not knocking the PC, I'm just correcting your misinformation. You really should just relax and debate sensibly.

I wish you every good thing :)

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Steadyhndz1965d ago

If anything this is the complete opposite of PC gamers. Most PC Gamers don't care so much for graphics, we care about gameplay.

Yes, there are many people who only talk about graphics cards, CUDA cores, polygons, and GRAPHICS. But the majority of them....not really. We actually look at the releases of new graphics cards, wishing we could afford them, and spend some time looking at water cooling kits to make our system look better.

What really happens though is we just want a decent game to play, no half ass made games that were released 6 months early...oh and we don't like sequels to an FPS every 12 months

Eldyraen1965d ago

I just assumed it was flamebait and not to be taken seriously after seeing 'Kotaku' in the description.

If 'serious' its still a retarded satirical look at PC gaming from some console fanboy's perspective. If actually done from a PC gamer then they should had just kept their mouth shut and scrapped the video as it makes some of us look even more stupid than the worst fanboys I've seen for any platform.

Ducky1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

^ The video itself is from Machinima, which kotaku just reposted.
BroTeam are moderately popular and all their reviews pretty much follow the 'retarded' format.

It's made by mostly-PC gamers, and the goal is humour. Some people enjoy it, some don't, and some take it too seriously.

Eldyraen1965d ago

@Ducky: I know it was just a repost, but anything I see linked by Kotaku I just have to go in assuming the worst especially if its anything to do with 'popular' beliefs (even if not serious like this one). Every once in a while I like an article but most, to me, is just a waste.

Whoever enjoys it though, good for them. There's just a reason I don't follow things like it.

Baka-akaB1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Steady is right . If anything the most played games arent even graphical beast . People should be more honest and upfront about it most of our steam , battlenet and gfwl friendlists are chokeful of people playing Starcraft , world of warcraft , Counterstrike , ArmA , DayZ , Minecraft , Cod , LoL , DOTA2 , TF2 and hlmods , free crap etc ...

Not at all or usually the likes of Crysis , even when we have the power to do so .

classic2001965d ago

The amount of PC gamers who I ran into talk only about graphical performances these days.

Steadyhndz1965d ago

Oh...and we don't crap ourselves over new DLC announcements.

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CapsLocke1965d ago

Typical PS3 fanboy - ignorant and retarded.

Mr-Dude1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Much can be said about the PC crowd... Ignorant and God complex

shackdaddy1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

^Ya, because PC fanboys are really the only ones with a God complex. You even see the PS4 articles on this website? How bout this whole Teh8GigsRam thing? It's like a freakin cult you guys have going on here...

Mr-Dude1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

True, but for the first time the Sony "followers" are getting what they wanted. Games what in some lenght are on the same level as a PC (read some! because we all know the PC wil always be better, exclusive PS4 games are another story) and they want to brag about it. But the same day it was announced the whole PC-crowd came down on the Sony fans. Since that day it's like a warzone... So yeah, PC fans have a more God complex about their NASA rigs, because they always describe, brag about their system and the almighty Crysis, and bash the other consoles. It's in every PS4 article... youtube, forums etc. What's next? The bashing of the new console of Microsoft? Calling every console exclusive game ugly and old, "The PC is much better" but then almost every game on the PC is pirated thats a It's like you? or the other PC fans don't want the other systems to evolve

mwjw6961965d ago

SHHHH this is PS3 fanboy land...

Same as above...

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LackTrue4K1965d ago

i got a laptop that can rum most games on high settings....but dam it!!!
i cant go more then 2 hours playing cuz i get nasty and painful cramps in my hands.... :/

aquamala1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

yeah sure console gamers never argue about graphics

have you heard about the graphics in the Last of Us, or Killzone SF?

Burnin1965d ago

Buahahaha... indeed

I am a PC Gamer & have always been, but come one guys! The video is hilarious & does have those "funny because is truth" kind of moments
Gameplay comes first, I agree (Dishonored comes to mind) but this video is the perfect example of what I am currently going through with Far Cry 3:

1. Got it installed > select ultra settings > WHOA!!! AWESOME GRAPHIXX MAN!!! > then CTD driver error
2. Troubleshooting + tweaking + Google for answers > Try again > WHOA!!! AWESOME GRAPHIXX MAN!!! > then CTD...
3. Rise & repeat for 2 days until finally > Try again > WHOA!!! AWESOME GRAPHIXX MAN!!! > Been playing for 3 days now and I love it

Bottom line: Yes is far more convenient just playing from a box but DAMN! I rather be a PC gamer & tweak my game for hrs until I get it running at the highest settings @ 60 FPS @ 1080p

Now, don't get me wrong. I know there are a lot of PC gaming d-bags out there that will rub their super-mega-expensive rig to your broke ass face... but let's face it. All of us, including the console kids will do anything to own a 3 monitor, double-GPU watercooled monster!

I bet my affordable & relatively cheap but super Overclocked 4 year-old PC that any of the console fanboys will trade places with the "super-rich mummy's boy" with a $3K rig

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taquito1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

crysis 3 on pc maxed out blows killzone shadowfall into last gen

literally, pc is already a generation ahead of ps4 and the ps4 isnt even out yet, thats how far consoles have fallen behind

shouldn't have waited 8 years and let the console business deteriorate to a state where only AAA games by activision and ea stand a chance, letting awesome companies like thq fold, and most devs leaving to work on pc and mobile

good job sony and microsoft, way to cripple you own industry with greed

ps3/360 games lieterally look like ps2 games on my pcsx2 emulator, actually worse, on my emulator with ps2 games theres no jaggies, lol

Enemy1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Too bad Crysis sucks and is never recognized for ANYTHING outside of graphics. The art direction in Crysis sucks as well. It's why Killzone 2 and 3 look better than every Crysis, and Killzone: Shadow Fall takes the obliteration one step further. Hyperrealism isn't impressive. Why do you want your games to look so real? Ever been outside? Yawn.

Pandamobile1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Pretty sure that Killzone 2 and 3 aren't known for anything but being pretty either.

Lex Luthor1965d ago

Oh the irony when you mentioned Killzone. That game is only known for its graphics.

Skips1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


Pretty sure people love Killzone not just for graphics, but for it's unique weighted gameplay, and for the back story of the Helghast.

The Helghast are definitely a lot more fleshed out characters and are indeed a lot more interesting than those crappy Aliens you fight in Crysis. LMAO.

So no Panda and Lex, you are both wrong :)

Baka-akaB1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

You can repeat ad nauseam that people only cared for the graphics , it still had a good fanbase for its gameplay and multiplayer .

If anything Kz3 only dipped because they stopped listening to its fans

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seanpitt231965d ago

How do you know that when killzone isn't even out yet

CapsLocke1965d ago Show
Godmars2901965d ago

And still, more people have probably bought Crysis 3 on consoles because they didn't or couldn't be bothered to worry about system requirements. Couldn't afford to upgrade.

Its why Crytek put the game on consoles.

Thefreeman0121965d ago

At some point the consoles have to be updated its been almost 10 years. So what if the graphics on pc are far superior. Some people like the simplicity and price point of consoles that pcs can't provide. When will people realize this

GribbleGrunger1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

It must be more than just tech that decides how good a game looks. How do you explain the fact that Cage's old man's head looks real were as the Crisis faces still look like computer graphics?

Not 1080p but you get the idea:

specialguest1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

The old man tech demo is actually not that impressive. Its was already done in '05 on a ps3 tech demo. The subtle facial twitches and movements are only slightly better on the old man version.

PS3 tech demo

PS4 tech demo

GribbleGrunger1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

LOL. Seriously? There's nothing else to be said really.

OMG! Someone disagreed. You cannot see the difference? I've just spat my tea out in utter disbelief. Come now ... just ... dear me ...

akaakaaka1965d ago

dude PC fanboys will not accept it get over it!
alfred molina hear look similar quality to the ones on quanti dreams games beyond two souls is prove of it! plus others games had similar models not the same level but good enough ..
so it means PS3 tech demo quality showed was used in game.

and QD old guy is actually and i bet in this a already model been used by next gen david cage game and we will not have to wait 5 years to see something that good this next time sine sony now has better developers and is easier to make games on the PS4.

ps. that alfred molina head is on the same level of C3 graphics but PC gamers will not accept it.. I even believe Beyond two souls models are even way more advanced.

delboy1965d ago

True story, but you just can't say the truth here, you're in sony land ;-)
Only great thing about next gen consoles is the x86 architecture, so pc gaming wont suffer this time and multiplat games will be far far better on pc.

worldwidegaming1965d ago

Exactly. No more console holding back PC.
Look at crysis 3 for consoles...lord no! Its a piece of crap!
Now when multiplatform comes out they will gimp the pc version.

Steadyhndz1965d ago

You're new to gaming aren't you?

Crysis 3 on max settings even at 1440p doesn't seem to beat what the PS4 has to offer at release. You also have to realize that Crysis 3 is a game with a lot of dynamic lighting to make it look as "Shiny" as it is. Take that engine, and put it to use on a PS4 without so much dynamic lighting...and you're going to get 1 bad ass looking game that will blow Crysis 3 out of the water. (For the time being at least)

If you're really unimpressed with what the next gen has to offer, then you're the average American. You're always wanting something better...well I have news for you, the people who are always let down by everything because the newest isn't what they expected, end up being disappointed their whole lives.

Burnin1965d ago

"You're new to gaming aren't you?"... Are you?

Ok, I know all you kids are excited about the new PS4 & probably "Mum" will get it for you this Xmas... but seriously?
You talk about the PS4 like if you already own one and the fact is, yes in an impressive box but thats what it is... a box. By mid next year your beloved PS4 will be outdated again... yet our PCs will still have no barriers

Even modders can transform a 5 year old game into a wonderful looking piece of art! Hell I still play Fallout New Vegas since (with the proper modding) is till one of the best looking games around

Dilldo_1965d ago

Even though I'm not a pc gamer and I'm gonna get the new xbox when it comes out, I totally agree with you..
Waiting 8 years for a new freaking console is too long and imo they should have released the new generation two years ago.. Games that get released now look like crap

listenkids1965d ago

"Games that get released now look like crap"

Compared to what? The Last of Us, Metro, Watch Dogs and all the current gen likes are all pretty good looking games compared to anything out there now. Unless of course, you time travel.

listenkids1965d ago

As far behind as consoles "fall", games will never be primarily developed for PC using 100% of what's capable. Thus games will ALWAYS look like a current gen title, because that's what they're made for. If Crysis 3 pushes your PC to it's max, and looks respectfully similar on consoles, then you should feel a little embarrassed you spent £1000+ for your rig. Congratulations on being a stereotypical PC dick.

ritsuka6661965d ago

Nothing will beat Crysis 3′s graphics for at least two years.

Thepharaoh1965d ago

No one ever mentioned Kill zone. And even if some had comparing the graphics of a game released in 2009 on a console to the graphics of a game that came out in 2013 on a pc is quite ignorant

Dilldo_1965d ago

Oh my god you are beyond retarded.. He was obviously talking about the new killzone that comes out this year..
If english is not your first language please shut up

Thepharaoh1965d ago

You get some bad news or something cause you sound awfully upset. Besides, It's still pretty ignorant comparing the graphics of games like that when one of the games has graphics that aren't even final.

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BullyMangler1965d ago

HHuh? crysis 3 grafiX are normal dudes . . looking like copy and paste skills that anybody can work on. . no art talent watsoeverR . and yes it is a lot of work .

worldwidegaming1965d ago

PS4 is cool but its not official until the finished product is released.
Im tired of trailers that tease but in the end never put out what they said.
Crysis 3 graphics is crazy! I can not see next gen put out better because the numbers
Do not add up. Similar yes! Better? No.
People need to move on when it comes to this console vs PC after all consoles are more pc then they ever been...

Ducky1965d ago

Who new that a satirical video would lead to this kind of discussion?

ItsMeAgain1965d ago

It's certainly something new.

Mr-Dude1965d ago

yeah, the minute you step on the PC crowds sacred turf, they attack like sharks. But all they do is bash and moan about every other (future) console

tachy0n1965d ago


you must be new here.

N4G is basically a PlayStation fansite.

dont you dare to say something bad about sony because the sheep will come and get you.

also people here think The Last of Us is the best looking game ever... LOOOLL that sub-HD jaggie fest...

just watch only because i stated the truth im going to get a ton of disagrees, thats typical since it just shows how many people doesnt have the balls to reply. its sad because because of all this N4G has a poor reputation in many sites.