Medal Of Honor: Frontline - A Retrospective

Take a look back at one of last gen's best FPS games with this beautifully written article.

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omi25p1879d ago

One of the best games last gen

George Sears1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

The music was superb.


Hear the music video, amazing.

shackdaddy1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This and MoH:AA are in my top 10 shooters of all time.

Man, MoH used to be so good...

BattleAxe1879d ago

Medal of Honor (PS1), MoH: Frontline and MoH: Airborne were my favorite MoH games.

Cam9771878d ago

I agree with your list, I haven't completed AA so I can't comment on it.

Chard1879d ago

Developed by some of the people that went on to form Infinity Ward. That Omaha Beach level was amazing back in the day.

zlpw0ker1879d ago

im not a shooter guy anymore,but back in the day I played MOH alot,I even got the MOH box with all games on it on my pc.its 1 of the best shooters I have played,except the part in MOH frontier I think where you need to mortar to hit the tankses from the house on the field.

MOH is just done for now.

SonyStyled1879d ago

i grew up playing Medal of Honor and Jak and Daxter. Sigh... childhood :)

Dfooster1879d ago

it's time to return to WWII when the new consoles come out. Totally bored of modern warfare and multiplayer dominance. Give me a WWII lengthy single player campaign like frontlines any day of the week.