End The Wii U Hate - Podcast

End The Wii U Hate - A New NEX GEN SHOW from RealGamerNewz

Where we last left you, the RealGamerNewz crew was speaking on topics from Mass Effect 3′s ending to the next new IP’s Destiny and Untitled from Bungie and Respawn set to take the gaming industry by storm. Now we bring you the next in line to our never-ending NEX GEN podcast.

On this show we will discuss everything from the hate on the Nintendo Wii U and all of the features it has which gamers aren’t aware about to the longstanding legacy Zipper Interactive leaves behind at Sony as well as a number of other topics including the following:

30 cents for F-Zero on Nintendo Market
E3 2013 Will Shock Industry
Is Uncharted 4 a PS4 Launch Title?
Could Slant Six Bring A New Socom 2 HD Remake Out for Vita, PS3, or even PS4?
Zipper Canned: What Went Wrong?
We anticipate the longevity of Call of Duty further into the future
PS4 VS PC (Pros and cons, differences)
Nex Gen things that Wii U Does that Xbox 720 and PS4 Don’...

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Benjaminkno1907d ago

If anything, the "WiiU hate" only sells more WiiU's.

Nintendo hasn't even gotten started promoting their system.
I still have yet to see a WiiU advertisement anywhere except youtube.

neogeo1906d ago

It's going to be the best next gen ever. ps4,WiiU,720 and PC. All are going to be amazing in 3 years.

classic2001906d ago

Steam box should be there, I am positive the biometric controller is going to make this different than your typical keyboard and mouse for PC.

admiralvic1906d ago

No, the hate is having either no or negative impact on the Nintendo Wii U. That is, unless you think someone ACTUALLY bought a Wii U (or any system) to spite someone on N4G for saying it had no games. If anything, it's just making more people aware and they will watch the system / think about it, but most likely not buy it.

Look a little harder? I saw a number of commercials for the Wii U on broadcast television (they weren't good though) and there is of course display kiosks for people to try out. It isn't much, but it's hard to sell a concept when you don't have much of a hand. The systems "heavy hitter" Rayman Legends (looks fantastic, uses a lot of the features... not trying to discount other games, just saying it really brings the concept to life) is practically off the table, so Nintendo doesn't have much to show past Nintendo Land or more Mario. This will change with Pikmin 3 or something else in the future, but for now they don't have anything worth marketing.

Jadedz1906d ago

Um... no, it doesn't. Finding valid criticisms about the Wii U on this site, is like finding a needle in a haystack. For everything the Wii U does wrong, it offers a lot right (native BC with Wii games and accessories), which some people on N4G won't even acknowledge.

If you own a PS360, then the Wii U isn't a console to own at the moment. Though in mid March, a lot of games are launching on the system, which I believe now is the perfect time to own one.

PoSTedUP1906d ago

yes once they start marketing their system, it's ON. they have a lot of good things going for them that the majority of people do not know about yet because of the lack of marketing.

jakmckratos1906d ago

Well I don't know where you live because they're all over TV especially at launch..a 2.6 million units in a launch window ain't great..those 2.6 million are the die-hard Wii fans that were ready to go to the HD sequel the minute it dropped. They've def not pushed it as far as they could though. Then again there's been no new games to it's almost like what is the point??

Im all for ending the Wii U hate. I DO think when the other consoles drop it will def be behind the ball again but the touchscreen won't be a terrible idea and if Nitnendo does it right and releases as many quality 1st party games as they can then they shouldn't really worry...that's where the majority of their sales will come from..

You know as soon the Mario 3D game , a Zelda sequel, Super Smash U and Mario Kart U get shown off people will totally forget what an "awful" system it is and buy it in a sheepish fury. That's why I hate a lot of people in this community." Oh god it's awful...Im never getting one...OMG WAIT MARIO'S 3D GAME, SUPER SMASH BROS AND MARIO KART...MY PPREVIOUS HATRED IS NOW UNCONTROLLABLE BLATANT FANBOYISM!!"

It's like they don't realize game companies know what sells..

PoSTedUP1906d ago

the info from one of the podcast members pretty much convinced me to get a WiiU, i only herd great things about it and a lot of features people dont really realize it has. ill get it when it has some good games though, Zelda is going to be on steroids this gen!

lilbroRx1906d ago

You do know that the the Wii U sold more in its launch window than the PS3/360 did in the same time frame, right?

If that's not great, then the 360/PS3 must have been abysmal.

jakmckratos1906d ago

Yeah..There are a lot of factors that go into console sales...they were also more expensive products as well. $600 was a lot more back then that $350 is to us now. And no their early sales weren't great at all. But they've both bounced back and are selling pretty well today. That's why I'm saying everyone needs to stfu about game sales right now because just because their not amazing presently doesn't mean their doomed. It so stupid. Journalists are all "gloom and doom..this console is going to be out of production soon..will the Vita die??"

How the hell does anyone know that?? You have no clue what these companies plan on doing! I think it's ludicrous to suggest these highly succesful gaming businesses..the best of the best who have each survived for at least a decade don't know what they're doing.

Great consoles need time ...YEARS...for devs to do great work on these machines so hearing this crap less after less than 4 months of release of the WII is so completely asinine.

And yes I stick with my original thoughts 2.6 million ain't great buddy. It's not bad at all. But it's enough for all these doom-bringers to get their rage filled panties in a twist. I'm just sayin we need to wait.

MysticStrummer1906d ago

I know a lot of gamers, and none of them have a WiiU or want one. If the hate was helping WiiU to sell, there would be a lot more WiiUs already sold. I think hate is the wrong word though. I'd say apathy is more accurate. People just don't care about WiiU. That may change of course, but right now it just looks like Nintendo is a late entry into last gen gaming. The touchpad controller is different, but apparently not enough to make people want the console. Graphically it looks good, but only compared to the current consoles. The only person I know who wanted a WiiU was my 8 year old nephew, but he changed his mind and wants a 360 now. We'll see what happens when WiiU has more games to choose from.

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Thepcz1906d ago

i think wiiu is in trouble if im honest. it has absolutely nothing going for it at the moment. nothing. mario bros wiiu, thats all. and that isnt very good

its going to be at least september before a game worthy of buying the wiiu for is out.

what the hell were nintendo thinking.

if nintendo does flop with the wiiu, its only their own fault.

i have had every nintendo console but even i have not bought a wiiu

when zelda wind waker hd comes out, that will change. and i know pikmin will be good too. but as of right now- WTF nintendo??

PoSTedUP1906d ago

E3. i think nintendo knows what they are doing, plus they have mucho monies to really do what they want right now, there seems to be a reason behind their quietness. unless they really are in trouble, which i doubt.

Thepcz1906d ago

lol when was the last time nintendo delivered at e3? 1996?

Orionsangel1906d ago

I think a lot of the Nintendo hate has to do with Reggie. He's too arrogant. They need a more humble representative for the American market.

V0LT1906d ago

I mentioned this in another article and everyone disagreed with me. Reggie needs to be outed IMO. He is too old school or something. He is more than a talking puppet and does have power over the company.

1906d ago
MasterCornholio1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

God i hate Reggie. I remember the time he said there was something wrong with people who dont own a 3DS when at that time there was nothing to play on it.


Nintendo fans have to be prepared for all sorts of bashing this holiday season especially if the PS4 and the XBOX360 end up outselling the Wii U and providing a fantastic launch lineup. Heck the PS4 already has several heavy hitters as launch titles and i wont be surprised if the 720 has some of those as well. The storm is brewing and if Nintendo isnt careful they will get lost at sea.

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

They should have a gay parade like Sony did the PS4 launch :-)

BitbyDeath1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I think you ended up at the wrong conference... :-s

smashcrashbash1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Any contradiction of the Wii U is seen as hate.Any contradiction of the PS4 is seen as truth.Like the people who keep saying the PS4 doesn't look next gen.Well 2D Wii U Mario or Zombi U doesn't look next gen either. But you must never say that. That is hate. Any contradiction of the PS4 must be listened to or you are a mindless Sony fanboy. Any contradiction of the Wii U whether it's sales, games or graphics just means that you have to put your fingers in your ears and ignore the people saying it even harder. NEVER even hint that people could very well be just waiting to see what Sony and Microsoft have in store before investing in the Wii U or that maybe people are just not that impressed with it. That is blasphemy

lilbroRx1906d ago

No, any contradiction isn't seen as hate. Constantly promoting and only focusing on negative news, dismissing all good news and embracing negative rumors without question is hate.

People have made few "contradictions" regarding the Wii U(do you even know what that word means?). I'm pretty sure people know the different between hating/bashing, and contradicting which doesn't even make sense in the way that you are using it.

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