Sony's PlayStation 4 is a thinly disguised PC

Sony may not have had an actual box to display. But it has revealed the innards of its next-gen PlayStation 4 games console. And it's pure PC.

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DigitalRaptor1909d ago

A PC that isn't a PC?


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TemplarDante1908d ago

These kinds of articles are annoying.
One can say any electronic device is in some way a form of pc.
It is a console. In fact, it would be be the most powerful console next gen with great exclusives unavalible on pc or any other platform.
Such as
Gran Turismo
God Of War
Etc etc etc.

Its funny how when Msft reveals the next xbox (that has a near identical CPU and a much weaker GPU with standard pc DDR3 ram) wheather these pitiful articles appear.

If PS4 is a mid-high end pc, by specs, the xbox 3 is a low end turd?

theDECAY1908d ago

I am a PlayStation guy, but you're just trolling. The Durango isn't even announced yet. Give it a break.

Lisica1908d ago

Who cares about the exclusives?
PC has its own exclusives too.

That's not the point here.

SephirothX211908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

PS4 is low-mid end PC. From the rumours Durango looks low-end but I hope I'm wrong. PS4 is powerful enough for it to be a big leap over last gen and that's all that matters. Its not about how powerful a console is compared to PC, its about powerful hardware that's affordable to the masses.
I play mostly on PC but I have a 360 and PS3. The one thing a console has over PC is the fact that developers are working with one set of hardware and don't have to accommodate different gpus, cpus and ram.

BrianC62341908d ago

I wonder if everyone just read the main headline of this article and not the actual article? It ends up making the PS4 look good but from reading the comments on here I think people got offended over a PC gaming versus console gaming issue. Everyone should read what it says. The PS4 could really change all gaming. Microsoft might have to make some big changes to their new Xbox if they didn't go the same way Sony did.

Ju1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

8 core CPU, 8GB GDDR and a GPU between a 7850-7870 is "low-mid" end? You must live in the future, because last time I checked a config like that today runs Crysis on 1080p @ 60fps just fine. A 4GB 7850 card today is $300. How is this low end? Or is the new standard today <Titan = Low-Mid-End? IMO 78x0/GT660 is where high end starts, nothing else.

Novistador1908d ago

Ill take PC exclusives any day of the week over the garbage Sony craps out. Enjoy your Bro of War 4 and your Bro Turismo.

xursz1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

They make it sound like its a bad thing. This is good so developers don't have excuses for making shitty ports to meet a deadline.

The ps3 was good for its exclusives now the PS4 should be good all around. And PC gamers should be glad now that they won't have to get half-assed console ports since it should upscale/downscale nicely. IMO this console vs pc thing is an imginary conflict.

pixelsword1908d ago

@ Novistador,

Enjoy your exploding barrels and your 12fps of ultra-high, ultra-uselessgameplay.

trenso11908d ago

@thedecay I don't think he trolling the point of his statement is that if and when the next box is shown and it has lower specs than ps4 are we going to see all the articles bashing the console like we do the ps4. Or are all of the so called gaming journalist going to turn a blind eye to its inferior specs (if it is lower than the ps4)

Dasteru1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )


Who is playing at 12fps?

Far Cry 3 -

PS3: 1280x540
low settings
DirectX 9 Equiv
2x AA
0x AF
0x SS
22fps average

PC: 2560x1600
Ultra settings
DirectX 11
32x AA
16x AF
8x SS
80+Fps on a top end system.

A current top end PC is about 30x more poweful than the PS3 or 360.

Sony themselfs have stated that the PS4 is about 6x more powerful than the PS3.

Do the math, Top end PCs are still 5x more powerful than the PS4.

And the PS4 isn't even out yet. By the time the PS4 releases, PCs will be closer to 7-8x more powerful easily.


Just checked the Geforce Titan specs on Newegg, looks like PCs already support 4k.

"Maximum Digital Resolution: 4096 x 2160"

Transporter471908d ago


How much does this computer that you're talking about going to set you back? mmm how much is titan again only 999.99 just saying i doubt the ps4 is going to set you back just 999.99 for video card it has, great comparison just saying.

T9001908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )


"How much does this computer that you're talking about going to set you back?"

Is the PS4 out yet? No its not so there is no way you can get one today.

Titan is expensive today, generally top end hardware always is, however hardware that is very close in power can be found at a much cheaper price. Check GTX 670 and GTX 680 for ref. GTX 670 is almost as powerful yet much cheaper.

By the time PS4 is out, much cheaper GPU options will be out that will provide near Titan like performance and be far ahead of the PS4(not that there are today, PS4 GPU even today is strictly Mid range, there already are GPUs out there that completely out class it). Its just the way things work. Same happened with the PS3, Check 8800GTX. It out classed the PS3 before it even released.

The PS4 may cost 500usd when it launches, are you considering that it wont be playing any of the old games you bought on the PS3, PS2. So is that not a loss? or that every game on the PS4 will be more expensive than the PC version. In the long run PC is always cheaper.

I personally have over 200 games on Steam, no worries about those going away the next time i update my computer. Cant say the same for consoles, its the reason why i dont buy any multiplat on console anymore.

Transporter471908d ago


you say that, but here is the thing, i only mentioned one component, yet a 670 goes for roughly 350 or higher n 680 around 450 or higher, with no cpu or ram, i build computers for a living, you can't match a computer to a console, unless ur trying to pay around the same amount of money, most likely the console will have an upper hand on the price regardless

T9001908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )


Dude again, the PS4 isnt out yet. You cant compare a GTX 670 or GTX 680 to a PS3 or Xbox 360 and call that expensive.

Both those GPUs are far far superior to current consoles. Its a known fact that 500usd PCs of last 2-3 years run circles around current consoles.

Here is an example of one:

This one comes equipped with a 7850(the same one being featured in the PS4), which is still generations ahead of current consoles and it costs 500usd.

Sure it costs 200usd more than a console however every game bought on it is cheaper.

As for the PS4, it probably will sell for around 500usd at launch. Around the same time you will be able to design a PC for 700usd that will easily outperform the PS4, it will feature full BC with any old games you may have, also every game bought on it will be cheaper.

If you look at it from a long term perspective say 3 years then the PC will always be cheaper. Think of it like buying 2 games a month, Every game being bought being 10-15usd cheaper. Within a year the PC would be cheaper than the console. While providing more performance.

Again i am sure people on N4G probably have thousnds of usd worth of old games that they bought for current conosoles, many people are thinking of selling their old consoles to buy new ones, the loss taken on all those games itself is enough to justify PC being cheaper in the long run.

dredgewalker1908d ago

As much as I care about the PS4's specs, I'm much rather interested in what games it will have. I'd pass if it was just all about eyecandy. What's the use of high end parts if it doesn't have great games to play with. I game on both platforms since I can't play console exclusive games on my pc. I still fail to see the hate between console and pc owners since all we need are the games in the end and that we're having fun with them.

Kr1551907d ago

What'sannoying is how many people read the title and so few read the article . The greatness article was pretty positive about the ps4

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Oh_Yeah1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

It's a pc that's locked down by Sony...they throw on custom security, GUI and network. The same goes for Microsoft. That's what consoles are folks.


And the point is? It doesn't looked like a problem trhoughout the last 25 years, in fact PS3 was criticized for not being enough PC-ish. Why would next gen consoles need to be critically different from PCs now?

NeoTribe1908d ago

Which means games arnt hacked to shit and people are forced to play by the rules. Thats why pc gaming is dead and its hard to find a good community in any game. To many hacks and cheaters. Ill stick with consoles. I do however have a pc rig just for blizzard games. Thats really all pc has thats worth owning one for. Good day.

Ravenor1908d ago


Every game is hacked to shit, or you just really suck. It's probably the latter.

Dasteru1908d ago


So jtagged 360s and cfw PS3s don't exist in the fantasy world you live in?

How convenient.

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Irishguy951908d ago

It was 'disguised' as one? I didn't know they were trying to hide it

Axecution1908d ago

lol., how bout those games?

pixelsword1908d ago

PCs don't have 8 gigs of GDDR5, last I checked.

Athonline1908d ago

They don't have to for the CPU, but they need fast GDDR for the GPU... A PS4 is a "PC", but without some bottlenecks PCs got due to the share memory and a not-so upgradable design.

I wrote down a long article here: outlining the differences... (sorry for the link, but I prefer it over copying-pasting)

Dasteru1908d ago

The Geforce Titan GPU has 6GB of GDDR5.

CPU's do not need GDDR5 yet, No CPU currently on the market even uses up the bandwidth available in DDR3.

Ragthorn1908d ago

I love PC gaming, but I also love console gaming. I'm sorry but I feel that you people are hurting the PC reputation by babbling like that. We all play on these platforms don't we? We are all gamers, I prefer PC myself, but you don't have to bash the whole console community.

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maniacmayhem1909d ago

Of course it is. This is why it's so developer friendly.

Funny that this is such big news.

a_squirrel1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

The whole playstation meeting was hammering that point in, it's like a PC to make it more accessible for developers and players alike.

Herp derp.

wsoutlaw871908d ago

When was it made to be different. That idea is just stupid. A pc is a personal computer, you could say my phone is like a pc or any thing with a processer and software. Who cares. It is a computer obviously just like every console and device, just one that is specifically designed to play games while a pc is designed to do other stuff. What the article is trying to say i guess is that it resembles standard pc hardware, but again in a way every computer does.

smashcrashbash1909d ago

Why do people keep on insisting about talking about how the next gen consoles will not be as powerful as a PC? We know that. They were never meant to be.

Pandamobile1909d ago

There are people on the internet (and N4G) that truly believe that the PS4 is some godly amalgamation of future technology; not found anywhere else in consumer electronics.

You may think it goes without saying, but it really doesn't to a lot of people.

N311V1909d ago

Well there are currently no 8 core APUs with 8GB of unified GDDR5 RAM on the market so for the time being it is future technology not found in consumer electronics.

Pandamobile1909d ago

The PS4 doesn't even come out until mid November, so it's pretty likely that you'll see similar APUs entering the market before the PS4 does.

decrypt1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )


Fortunately tech doesnt stop evolving in the PC industry like it does on consoles, its not like consoles where nothing new gets introduced for 7 years. Every few months AMD and Intel are introducing new models of their hardware.

PS4 is still 9 months away, nothing is stopping AMD from releasing more powerful APUs in the next few months.

Get with the times, Its not like Sony can stop AMD from releasing more powerful PC hardware. I wouldnt be surprised if AMD launches more powerful APUs than the one in the PS4 before the PS4 even launches.

Th4Freak1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

@decrypt So can you explain to me what are you gonna do with a super uber graphics card? Maybe play Crysis 10?

There are only a few games in PC that actually look better than the console version and it's because most developers wont spend extra time/money to improve graphics from a version that wont give them nearly 10% of console sales.

You can go to VGChartz and take a look by yourself,

CoD: Black Ops II (PC): 868,304 units sold
CoD: Black Ops II (Xbox 360): 11,662,811 units sold
CoD: Black Ops II (PS3): 9,677,214 units sold

It doesn't matter if PC can run games 10000 better than consoles, it wont make any difference into the videogames industry, we've had powerful graphics cards for years in PC and look how many games look different from a 6 years old 550Mhz with 256mb memory console graphics card.

Your argument makes no sense when it comes to videogames.

TemplarDante1908d ago

Are you actually trying defend the drivel articles we have been seeing on N4G lately?
What a shame.
Live And Let Live, sir.

talisker1908d ago

There are people on the internet who truly believe that aliens will take a chosen few to their spaceships just before Earth goes boom. Does it bother you too?

Seafort1908d ago

You do realise those sales numbers for PC are retail only?
Digital sales are not recorded especially from steam.
Also CoD isn't that popular on PC now so it's kind of a biased comparison.
But, hey, whatever makes consoles sales look better, right? :)

Th4Freak1908d ago

@Seafort Do you remember when Ubisoft said that they wanted to stop publishing games for pc? Do you remember what were the 2 reasons? I'll refresh your mind: 1) Low profit, 2) Piracy which leads to point 1.

And I took CoD as example because it's multiplatform and it's the most profitable franchise right now, if you can bring a better example with another multiplatform game that would be nice.

Last, im not trying to make consoles look good, im just saying things how they are, I dont even have a console just a PSV (waiting for PS4).

Outside_ofthe_Box1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

It seems like PC fanatics are upset that once again next gen consoles are essentially high end PCs at bargain price. I don't understand why people like decrypt feel threatened though.

SilentNegotiator1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Yeah, yeah, PC elitists will cry until the end of time that some fanboys think consoles outwit high end PCs. Why not go be upset about misconceptions that matter and stop dragging along your bitter attitude?

And maybe for once, you could admit that custom console hardware has its advantages that make them more powerful than run-of-the-mill hardware at the same price? Because that's exactly what people are talking about with Ps4, not "godly amalgamation of future technology", like you imagine in your hateful mind.

Pandamobile1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

All of the disagrees pretty much prove my point, lol. I'm bitter or "threatened" by next gen consoles. I've been looking forward to the PS4 and Next Xbox announcements for years, and I even go disagreed with for saying that next-gen was long overdue.

Most PC gamers embrace the next-generation because we've been stuck in some weird limbo for the last few years where we start seeing next-gen looking games that are still being held back by the PS3 and 360.

We'll finally see some progress.

clearelite1908d ago

Panda, people are excited and happy for the new PS4. Maybe you should just let them have fun.

I think we can rest assured that the PS4 and PC games will have amazing graphics and move on to looking forward to some great games.

Also, the PS4 has many of the qualities of a PC. It also has new AMD APU technology that is not/will not be offered to the consumer market in it's current form. See yewles comment below.

ZombieNinjaPanda1908d ago

No Panda, stop. "PC Fanatics" can only be threatened by the PS4. You cannot look forward to it.

Mikeyy1908d ago

Im a PC gamer as well as a PS3 gamer, but I just wanted to say that steam only has a record of 7 million log ins at once, and there is currently 5.5 million online.

Thats not an impressive number, It shows that the gaming PC's is out of reach of the majority of consumers, due to the ever constant requirement of a new $250 video card.

I logged into the PC version of BO2 during the free to play weekend. There where 38,000 players online.. MW2 for PS3 beats that number, and that game is years old.

Here is a look at the current steam player count:

Current Peak
264,391 297,116 Dota 2
68,430 71,593 Team Fortress 2
65,400 65,400 Football Manager 2013
48,201 48,490 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

43,306 44,142 Counter-Strike
39,956 39,987 Sid Meier's Civilization V

39,185 40,307 Counter-Strike: Source
38,245 38,321 Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Multiplayer

29,741 29,741 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

24,591 25,330 Garry's Mod

Where are all the PC gamers nowadays? On Origin playing BF3??

That or there all on playing Blizzard games

Pandamobile1908d ago

Steam is just one of many facets of PC gaming. There's millions of people playing Blizzard games, League of Legends and hundreds of other games that aren't tracked by Steam.

I also fail to see how 6 million concurrent users is inadequate. How many people do you think are logged into PSN or XBL at any given moment? Probably a similar number.

akaakaaka1908d ago Show
Pandamobile1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I'm not sure you know what a troll is, bro. Having a differing opinion does not make me a troll. I'm merely pointing out an observation and continuing a civil discussion with other users.

You're more more off topic than I am.

N4g_null1908d ago

Scottis ummm apus are weak. Even a Walmart i5 laptop with an ati could beat it. Yet most gamers have i7s plenty of ram.

What happens when publisher jump to pc gaming for more profits?

Ethier way Sony is at a disadvantage doing this and price will be an issue since the effects of gddr are documented the good and the bad.

I won't if it would just be better for Sony to start branding video card instead?

Once publisher believe they can make more money on pcs they will leave. Once ms has realized sonys mistake they will hit them from every angle. Remember pc was dieing. Price and game selection was an issue.

kikizoo1908d ago

Pandamobile, like other trollfans, is forgetting how much powerfull was the cell comparing to intel cpu in 2006..used for super computer, etc.

i don't think the new one will be as powerfull, but please, stop pretending it will be a low end pc, consoles always have better visual at launch than pc (look at watch dog..)

Pandamobile1908d ago

I'm not implying that the PS4 is weak at all. I'm just saying that your expectations need to be a bit more realistic.

"consoles always have better visual at launch than pc (look at watch dog..)"

Lol, what? Are you implying that the PS4 version of Watch Dogs will look better than the PC version? The best case scenario for a multiplatform game is that it looks identical to the PC version.

N0S3LFESTEEM1908d ago

@the freak

"There are only a few games in PC that actually look better than the console version and it's because most developers wont spend extra time/money to improve graphics from a version that wont give them nearly 10% of console sales."

I'm going to have to call you out on that... every title looks better on PC. Sure they may not add the bells and whistles that our pc's can truly handle but just the bump up to 1080p and depending on your hardware a solid 60fps is enough the shadow the console version. These new consoles are playing catchup right now anyways.

Novistador1908d ago

Wait are you telling me, that my computer can do more than just be used for Porn and facebook? LIKE i can stream game content or take screenshots and have high end graphics?... I don't believe you, Sony clearly has the most advance vidya game system on the market.

wsoutlaw871908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

@scottis yes you cant buy the exact same thing but it is not some new esoteric design that nothing compares to. Its being built specifically to play games with hardware that devs will be able to take full advantage of, and thats what makes it and consoles great. Its a great console with impressive hardware but nothing new was invented here.

@ nos Im sure its what you meant but, games look better on pcs with more advanced hardware than consoles. Its not like you just put a game on any pc and it looks better. Everyone likes to compare games running on the best pcs to consoles and act like everyone with a pcs games look like that. The majority of people dont and wouldnt be crazy enough to spend that kind of money. The average pc is not going to massively outperform the ps4 for anywhere near the same price when it launches like pc guys think. Id prefer the console experience and extra money over slightly better graphics any day.

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N4g_null1908d ago

I think price would be a big problem. The gt690 is going to be cheaper. Apus with 16 gigs of ram is not going to change the fact that this is not an opteron or better yet better.

These guys live tech and based on early apus it's not looking pretty. It is not helping that better games are coming to pc gaming. Pc are getting cheaper and faster.

It is a problem yet you can ignore it if you want.

Gddr ram will not fix this problem and know tech that we already know is under performing is not a great move.

Sony will have to win this by making better games.

Ju1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

All I want to see coming out of the is actually a small ITX/mATX board where I can have 6+ cores (more than 4) and faster than DDR3 memory on an APU system. I hope there will be some spin off from the PS4 design. Then we can actually start talking SteamBox.

I don't really care so much about super computer performance, but with the APU this is actually a break away from the the traditional PC design. It's geeky, things to play around with from a SW perspective. PCs are getting a bit boring, TBH. Faster, what? New ways of doing things, that's what I'm looking for.

Interestingly, over time, the PS4 will break away from "just being a PC" as soon as devs start actually taking advantage of the architecture. Those things won't be able to be ported back "AS IS" to a PC, because you will have to support lesser VRAM and lesser cores; so a PC version must be implemented in a more generic way while I hope we'll have the time and will to explore new concepts those consoles provide.

Since dev stations are very expensive I would hope there will be a similar PC available at some point. Unfortunately, AMD positions the APUs only at the bottom. Not sure why there couldn't be a high end APU (with GDDR and some corssfire support, for example - but where you can share that mem, actually, so you can scale the GPU without loosing the benefit of a shared memory??). But maybe that's just me. Gaming is fine, but coding and exploring is, too. ;)

N4g_null1907d ago

Ju you read my mind. I really wanted amd to take off with the apus and maybe the ps4 design is a war chest account for them? We will see.

Yet steam box needs net gen bluetooth tech to take off.
It's erie but that is the element of the promised cell design wireless network processing. That would be huge.

I'm leaning towards a tesla card setup and cuda right now. All run on an Xeon. The tesla card should handle the gpgpu targets fine.

Amd could pull an Athlon though. Which I would welcome. Getting the ps4 design on a laptop? Maybe in some form of opteron that you will never see at an oem? Yet we will see.

StrongMan1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

The PS3 is a beast and will be the most powerful console next gen. Allowing used games is a plus too. You just can't top it.

OpenGL1908d ago

Amazing, the most powerful console two generations in a row, why is Sony even releasing the PS4?