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Super Mario 64, Minecraft edition

NE: "A group of people are in the process of recreating Super Mario 64 in Minecraft. The results thus far are pretty darn impressive." (3DS, Minecraft, Nintendo DS, PC, Super Mario 64, Wii, Wii U)

Kennytaur  +   954d ago
Wow, they've managed to recreate a game from the 90s with worse graphics! :-P
Kevlar009  +   954d ago
I wanna see the Ocarina of Time set to scale Hyrule Minecraft map.
delboy  +   954d ago
Another prove that everyone loves N games.
We even have Mario in Skyrim.
Nintendo rules.
kirbyu  +   954d ago
Mario is in Skyrim? What are you talking about?
dsdrgyj   954d ago | Spam

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