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I wonder how the PS4 version would like: like the Wii U and PC version with just better resolution, or completely revamped! This comparison makes me kina hopeful:

KUV19771997d ago

I'm pretty sure it's not gonna look like that - not even close. Since PS4/NextGen seems more like an afterthough I don't think it will be heavily optimized for new tech. The screens look great, just not that inFamous-great. I will be very happy if it looked a little better than AC3 with silky-smooth-framerate, better antialiasing, vastly improved shadows and better draw distance. Everything above that would be a great bonus: better foilage, better water, better hair, better cloth-simulation. You name it.

For AC V, however, I have hopes that it will look much better.

The problem with faces like that, in my opinion, is that the animations just look so much weirder when the face itself looks so real. I think it is really unrealistic to expect them to fully motion capture every facial action for a game of the scale like AC. Here's hoping they develop some crazy tech that syntetically delivers animations reasonably close to real life. (I'm actually sure they will but I hope rather soon... like 2-3 years.)

Nimblest-Assassin1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

The weird thing about this game is that you play as Haythams father, AC3 tells you about how and when he dies to

"On 3 December 1735, the Kenway household was infiltrated by masked men, who kidnapped his daughter, Jenny Kenway, and killed several of the servants. During this time, they cornered Edward in the games room, and in a prolonged fight, they killed him"

Also... why do these screens look like AC liberation? Compared to the announce screens of AC3... these don't look as good as those, even though they were bullshots

DarkBlood1997d ago

so your saying AC4 is in the not too distant future after the third game?

Nimblest-Assassin1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )


AC4 takes place 65 years before AC3... but Im guessing the future stuff is still moving forward

Also on note with the screens looking like liberation I mean compare these

They look so similar

Also look at the announce screens of AC3


Yeah I know these are bullshots, ubi tends to do that whenever they announce a game... but these AC4 pics look like a vita game imo instead of a this gen console game

Tei7771997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

These images are probably the ps4/PC versions.

Do not expect them to look much different from the current gen console version. This is ultimately a current gen game.

SatanSki1997d ago

"I wonder how the PS4 version would like: like the Wii U and PC version with just better resolution"

Like PC version with better resolution? What do you smoke?

falcon791996d ago

Try WiiU/ps4/pc will look exactly the same kid.

ps4 is just a little more powerful its not got dx12 card inside mate,wiiu MCM is jam packed with eDRAM un heard of in a dx11 card,ps4 has just more power in terms of higher clock rates ?

NewShadow1011996d ago

are you telling me the PS4 is equal to the WiiU... ok.

younghavok1996d ago

the Wii U has alot more power than people give it credit for. The GPU is heavilly customised and as you said has a decent amount of edram. No where near as much ram as the PS4, but enough to grunt to hand visually once developers start getting the hang of it. If anybody can do it though I expect it to be Ubisoft. This time around AC4 will be built with the Wii U in mind and not as a last minute adjustment like AC3 was, which still looked and played great

Cam9771996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

But I'd suspect the released images to be the PS4/PC versions as they run at the highest resolution. First thing I thought with some of those screens was about New Orleans from AC3: L - that's great! I loved the sun-soaked streets of NO. This will remind me of the POTC films.

Muffins12231996d ago

Im pretty sure the ps4 wont be graphically better than may be very close though to pc IF YOUR LUCKY.

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slapsta721997d ago

I didn't know you play as Haytham's father?? Cool tidbit i guess.

ironfist921996d ago

I thought it was Grand Father

reddeadite1996d ago

Connor's grandfather. Haytham's father.

PersonMan1997d ago

Those screenshots look like PS3/360 graphics. No where near next gen. I think this is a current-gen release or a multi-gen release.

Looks like it was built on current gen specs though.

cyclindk1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Unrelated but...

Amazon has PS4 version of Watch Dogs fro 99.99 while all the other versions are 59.99??

They do mention that "Watch Dogs Placeholder Pricing" is in effect.

But perhaps this is indeed indicative of increased prices of some sort for the at least the initial part of the upcoming console generation, or for more complex games in general.

porkChop1997d ago

I'm not sure why Amazon needs a placeholder price. Jack Tretton has already said on CNBC that "We're going to welcome free-to-play models, games from $.99 up to those $60 games".

I really don't see game prices rising next gen. Gamers are already pissed off about short games and DLC, raising prices would just push more people towards buying used games, or wait until games hit the bargain bin.

abc12331996d ago

You're an idiot if you think the price will be anywhere near that

falcon791996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Doesnt mean nothing wiiu games were at 99 dollars before it released,wiiu games like Watchdogs are £49.99 in uk,where as some games are £44.99 or a lot less like Walking dead ect are £34.99 ? so high profile WiiU games are £49.99 in the UK,thats more that 100 dollars.

EverydayGuy1996d ago

Development cost should be the same or lower since it is easier to develop for the PS4, but EA might rise the price for their game.

cyclindk1996d ago

Agree and disagree...

Easier in the sense that programming is easier and there's overall more power. But game assets take a lot of time and adding more and more functionality, detail and size to games will simply take more time and money. No way around that.

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Conzul1996d ago

I feel your pain. Nap - I mean! I feel your nap.

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