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Saints Row 4 rumored for August, Deep Silver talks “huge” plans for PAX East

Deep Silver has something “huge” planned for PAX East, and the buzzing on Twitter points to possible news on Saints Row 4. (Deep Silver, PC, PS3, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

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jay2  +   822d ago
Oh POO seriously! noooooooooooo brig it next gen too!
Root  +   822d ago
They should of just held this off for next gen and rebooted it

Nice clean slate since they now own the rights to the IP

If it's anything like SR3 though then it's a no buy from me, it's a shame because apparently that crazy over the top sounding DLC which was going to be in SR3 will be included in SR4 instead which is pretty depressing in my opinion

Get back to what made SR2 good
Riderz1337  +   822d ago
This is too soon.
mttrackmaster38  +   822d ago
Why? Saints Row 2 came two years after the first one. The only reason SR3 took so long is because Volition had to scrap 6 months of development time and they made a new engine.
ZeekQuattro  +   822d ago
That seems awfully quick but I'm not complaining. I loved The 3RD.
Hazmat13  +   822d ago
i hope for PS3, 360 and PS4, 720. Enter The Dominatrix!
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FlyingFoxy  +   822d ago
I played 3 on PC but could not get into it, i went straight back to San Andreas Multiplayer Mod where tons of people still play and is more fun.

I can't understand how volition and Rockstar make a large world but totally skimp out on the multiplayer side, so far multiplayer has been empty with bog standard restricted and boring game modes.

I'm hoping the next GTA is awesome online and has at least 50+ players with editable game modes so we can make our own, add Steamworks and it will be great.

Imagine a mode like Cops n Robbers from SAMP in GTA V where it saves your data so you can load up on a server with your cash, stats etc.. it has so much potential on PC.
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r21  +   822d ago
Cool, looking forward to it. Loved SR3. Im guessing they're gonna use the epic ending from SR3.
Soldierone  +   822d ago
I loved the third one! Been waiting forever to buy the 4th! If its only released for current generation then I have another reason to keep my Ps3 around :D
stefan771  +   821d ago
Can't wait
MasterD919  +   820d ago
Take your time Deep Silver...you just got the franchise.

THQ didn't fail with SR3 but it wasn't even remotely as good as the first two. I hope SR4 is more like SR1 than SR3.

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