Nintendo: The New Sega

Forbes:Nintendo kicked off the new generation of console hardware last fall with the introduction of the Wii U but will it be able to survive the rise of new consoles by Sony and Microsoft and how will it evolve?

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BullyMangler1994d ago

i dont get the point of these fanboy articLes . . so just because sony and microsoft have systems of their own now = nintendo wont have gamechanger games? . . ah eh ohhh . .

Silly gameAr1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I wrote a blog post about that, but it mysteriously disappeared.

Mounce1994d ago

People though have to seriously consider just how huge an opportunity it'd be for Nintendo to strictly go Software only. If Mario and their exclusive IP's went multiplatform. It'd cause competition(Hardware wise) to boost....but do you know just how much more their sales would boost?! It's be completely off the scale! The amount of people that ran NES/SNES emulators on PSP. It's like, what if Mario was on PSP and PS Vita? People would play handheld Mario games and the likes without homebrew, no illegal shit and play it on the go on ANY handheld.

If Mario can sell say, 5 million on a title alone on DS or 3DS or 10 or 20 million...but if it were on PSP/Vita/Android/iPhones. Do you really think them selling 50-100 millions would be far from the truth?...

It's a Goldmine of an opportunity for them to just Not care or waste money and R&D or advertise a console and simply go software and go to as many platforms as possible. SERIOUSLY. GOLDMINE! No other company can do this. If Killzone or Uncharted from Sony went multiplatform to such a degree, you really think it'd boost its sales by THAT much? Even if they're great god damn games, it'd not leave a mark as strongly as Nintendos IP's.

user39158001993d ago

Everything dissapears and reapears online. Nintendo is not the new Sega, sega is the new nintendo.

Lets face it, nintendo stick to what u know best the handheld and kill the wiiu. Problem solved, stock holders happy and no more money wasted.

theDECAY1994d ago

Yeah, the Nintendo hate is pretty bad lately. I am a PlayStation guy. I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the N64, but I really love some of their franchises.

BanBrother1994d ago

First off, ouch.

Now, SEGA just published Aliens Colonial'Marines, a buggy POS that wouldn't have been considered average in the 'Pong era'. Also, they let Bayonetta go.
If Ninetndo did ever becomes a software only company, I would be devastated if they had business standards as low as SEGA's of today.

humbleopinion1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

While Aliens was indeed a buggy POS, Sega can't take all the blame for that game. Things like that happen with almost every publisher.

On the other hand, they didn't let Bayonetta go (On the contrary: they still co-publish the game with Nintendo, and you can bet the game will be out for other consoles to recoup the costs later on).
They also just released The Cave which is a pretty good game, brought Anarchy Reign to the west (best brawler I played this gen), and recently released All-Stars Racing Transformed which is the best mario-kart clone since... well since ever I guess.

Not to mention, Sega now has both Company of Heroes 2 and Total Rome 2 planned for release this year. Sequels for two of the best RTS series ever released coming from a single publisher in the same year? That's higher expectations than what I have for the entire WiiU lineup from Nintendo...

BanBrother1993d ago

The problem solely lies in their business practices. I do not dispute some great quality titles have been published by them, many of which I have bought and enjoyed. Just that some of the most mediocore cash in crap has also been published by them. Like Kinect games.

It seems SEGA will do anything for money, ANYTHING. Let us not forget them abandoning the AvP 2010 MP a few months after release. They left it with broken matchmaking. Never forgiven them for that.

Also, while they did not make Aliens CM, they still released it knowing it was a pile of crap. You would have though on top of that, that they would have checked in on the game more often during its development, and noticed when something was off earlier on. But again, SEGA just trying to get some easy money. I can't blame them though, they used to make hardware lol.

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SDF Repellent1994d ago

Sega used to be great during its hayday. They made some of the best games in history like Virtua Fighter, Shenmue, and Panzer Dragoon Saga. I have no idea how they had fallen to making b grade movie license games and busts like Colonial Marines. I don't see that happening to Nintendo if they were to go third party in the future as their games are too big and well-know. Wish them the luck with the Wii U in 2012.

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