PS4 Memory Vs. Rumored Xbox 720 (Durango) Memory

Earlier, we analyzed the PS4′s memory bandwidth and compared it to the PS3. Sony’s use of GDDR5 is a bold move, given the price tag. But it could very well give it a leg up in this latest generation of the console war.

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iGAM3R-VIII1627d ago


Anyway, the PS4 looks dev friendly with the amount of RAM, I can't wait till E3

knowyourstuff1627d ago

It will be difficult to match the RAM Sony has without Microsoft going all out and getting 16GB of DDR3 RAM, at 68-107 GB/s they've got a long way to go to match Sony's 176 GB/s. Hopefully the next Xbox won't get dorked, because it may mean Sony's console gets limited anyway, as Microsoft will be sure to include in its contracts that games can't look substantially better on other platforms other than its own.

NewMonday1627d ago

hopefully the RAM will significantly reduce load times in games

delboy1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

What if MS puts faster EDRAM like on xbox, 256GB/s bandwith in combination with lower latency ddr3?

NewMonday1627d ago


their is no point to that if the GPU/CPU are not designed to take advantage of that.

the 8G of DDR5 on the PS4 were thought to be overkill until the CPU/GPU details revealed that they would be put to use.

fr0sty1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

@ Delboy, they already are rumored to be using 32mb of EDRAM, however even then it won't get around the bandwidth limitation completely, as you will still be bottlenecked by the fact that you can only fit 32mb's of data into that high speed EDRAM, and even with it's bandwidth combined with the DDR3's bandwidth you still won't even come as high as PS4's GDDR5 bandwidth is. The combined bandwidth of the DDR3 and EDRAM on "Durango" should be ignored anyway, as it represents an absolute best case scenario and will never be realized in real world usage.

As for GDDR5's latency, gaming isn't harmed as much by memory latency (which is why modern GPU's use GDDR5) as other types of computing are, so it won't make much difference. In gaming, bandwidth, not latency, is king.

SatanSki1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

@ sobekflakmonkey Do you think Sony is better? They are all, as you say, cunts. Its not about Sony vs MS. People have to realise its us vs them. They want to rip us off our money, they lie, they mislead us and manipulate. We have to show them ALL a finger.

SolidStoner1627d ago

microsoft now can easily make same specs as PS4... and that wouldn't hurt anyone in the end, and ports would be fast, easy and good looking!!

falcon791627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

720 is rumoured to have 100Gb bandwith RAM.

ps4 has 174GB ?

WiiU has at least 200GB due to the huge amount of eDRAM,Nintendo really did go for a memory intensive design,40MB eDRAM on the MCM,plus some SRAM and couple this with main RAM wow prob around 220GB.

1nsaint1627d ago

@falcon79 N4G should add an: no idea what their talking about bubble, just for you

SkyGamer1626d ago

Does anyone know anything about PC architecture? GDDR5 is vastly different from DDR3/4. DDR you can use for more than just graphics hence the G in GDDR. Graphics memory is cheap. You can get a sub 100 dollar video card with enough GDDR. Different mechanics. sony has allocated ALL their ram for graphics so ai and multi-tasking wont be as good as traditional ram. It would be like taking the ram out of pretty much any video card out and using that as your ram. Why does anyone think that AMD is powerful? Am I the only one who doesn't buy into the bs? I mean even a second gen core i5 2500k would run circles around an AMD 8 core clocked at 1.6 ghz. I may be skipping next gen if MS follows the same suit. Laptop components that will already be out before the system launches?! No thanks! Besides the 7970m was already being used in MACS over a year ago! You call that next gen? Don't buy into their bs. Want nextgen? Build a gaming pc or get one of your buddies to do it for you. Sheesh!!!!

MAJ0R1626d ago

Exactly, this is being way over hyped, especially the GDDR5 memory. You can only do so much with it until it gets bottlenecked by the weak CPU and possibly GPU as well.

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showtimefolks1627d ago

Lets wait for ms to confirm the specs, not long before sonys announcement it was reported that ps4 will have 4gb ram and than we found out about 8.

I hope ms at least matches what Sony is offering ram wise

zebramocha1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

From neogaf and beyon3d forums,they stay it is easier for Sony to add more ram than it is for Ms to make any architectural changes,other than ram.

kreate1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

MS probably keep specs slightly lower but also keep the price cheaper than the ps4.

I doubt they gonna have the same memory as ps4.
I also doubt they gonna cost more than the ps4.
Durango will be equal or cheaper than ps4. Probably $50-$100 cheaper.

Same strategy as the xbox360.

showtimefolks1627d ago


I don't think it's gonna matter if ps4 is priced $50 more just look at this gen $600 bucks yet still outsold the xbox360 even with a year ahead start and a higher price for ps3 at launch

As long as gamers see value in the machine they don't mind spending a little extra


Maybe this is why Sony hasn't shown the box and after ms conference they can make more changes if needed but that's just a guess

Ju1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

I wouldn't be so sure if it'll be cheaper. They invested quite a bit in that chip . We'll see if it can deliver. I think it's more expensive to design/build than PS4 straight forward approach. The RAM is cheaper, yes. And, you can only reach the 170GB/sec with operations where you have two source reads from both DDR and ESRAM which basically doubles the data path; and only if you don't write the result back. But this will be a very rare case. DDR latency is lower...

JackBNimble1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Let's not forget that we are talking about memory here, the real question here should be .." does it or will it matter whether or not MS adds memory to the console for what they want to do with the nextxbox".

8gbs of ddr3 is suffient in most rigs with specs that are close to what the nextbox should be. Will it really matter if ms added more ram for what MS plan on doing with their next console? I personally doubt it. Numbers on paper maybe different then how the console will actually preform. Is 8gb of ddr3 suffient or would more ram just be over kill?

It's to late now for ddr5 unless they planed that from the start, and unless the o/s supports more then 8gb ddr3 there is no changing now anyway. Unless MS delay their next console , they maybe stuck with what they have.

DonFreezer1627d ago

Can someone with more knowledge inform me on why desktop computers do not have gddr5 memories and ps4 does.If it's so important to have GDDR5 ram why don't pc hardware makers make the same type of ram for the pc too?

Irishguy951627d ago

Because it's not important. GPU's have it. The rest doesn't need it.

falcon791627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

All the figures so far have been developer's kits not retail you bunch of glory hunters,the 8GB is the dev-kits ie 4GB retail double WiiU,so 4GB in retail means 2GB for games,2GB OS not once in any statement have they said the retail ps4's will have 8GB's ???? it's why they had 1.5GB for Killzone normally they woul get 2GB going off 8GB devkits,WiiU devkits have 4GB's,half this for retail.

But take in mind that even with retail getting half it still equates to devs being able to build games on the dev-kit specs and just compress it all down to retail that's what they do'i guarantee you ps4 games will get made with 8GB and compressed down to 2GB,WiiU games will get built with 4GB and compressed down to 1GB,it's how it works,although Nintendo could allow 1.5GB in the future either way their wont be a big difference in scale from ps4 exclusives to say WiiU exclusives due to this ?

TheUndertaker851626d ago

@falcon: Are you stupid? Sony stood up on stage and listed off the specs. Why would they bother telling Devs about dev kits many studios already have? If that's not enough, from the official PS4 page on

Not to mention that time and time again the comment has came up that the WiiU is underpowered by its own controller. Even running the WiiU requires roughly half it's own RAM. That's the cost of having a tablet controller with nothing in it, something MS and Sony wont have the same problems with since Kinect, Vita, and other accessories already have their own processors and what not.

PS4 & "Durango" won't be stuck in the same box as the WiiU or even close to it, this much is already clear.

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N0S3LFESTEEM1627d ago

Why does everyone tout ram as if it's miraculously make or break the console. 8gbs is complete overkill in lieu of the other specs in the PS4 and Microsoft could stick with 4gbs and there wouldn't be any negligible differences... More ram is always good though just to argue with myself but it would be even more redundant if the new consoles make use of Tessellated LOD which is by far the best features the new consoles should be capable of.

tubers1627d ago

TBH I don't see gaming devs getting complete access of 8GB RAM. I bet at least 1/4 of that is reserved for something other than main gaming.

Cupid_Viper_31627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

I would sympathize with your feelings if at the start of this generation there wasn't the same scrutiny towards the PS3's ram vs the unified one in the 360.

So yes we should simply wait for MS to announce the next Xbox, but those websites need hits so you can't definitely throw that concept out the door right now.

So my advice to you is to sit back and enjoy show.

Wouldn't the same be true for the Rumored Durango? Proportionally the advantages/disadvantages would be the exact same if you reserved 1/4 of the memory from both system.

soxfan20051627d ago

It's because the PS4 is rumored to have more RAM than the next Xbox. Therefore, RAM is suddenly the most important detail of the new consoles. Of course, any technical aspect in which the next Xbox beats the PS4 will be dismissed as unimportant and meaningless.

Ju1627d ago

The PS4 was never rumored to have more RAM. Most expected the PS4 to have only 4, but the faster RAM. Now both have the same, but 8GB GDDR5 were quite unexpected.

N0S3LFESTEEM1627d ago

@ cupid

The PS3 was horrid piece of equipment... that's not me talking, that's multiple devs and even Gabe Newell humself. Mentioning that, it is impressive what the first parties have squeezed out of it and with no doubt in my mind it's obvious that it would've had more potential had they gone with that unified architecture instead of splitting up every little thing up. PS4 is making that up big time but their gloating about the amount of ram while the rest of the specs hardly give a rise. I'm pretty sure Microsoft will respond with 8gbs come E3 or something but their specs are almost identical give or take a few things.

Just a little insight... I know things always change but as it stands right now I can max a game out on my PC without even touching 4.5gbs out of my 8gbs, BF3 64player included. I bet a majority of the ram being used in the consoles will go towards social aspects tied into the OS... it's a waiting game to know for sure though.

Cupid_Viper_31627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

" I bet a majority of the ram being used in the consoles will go towards social aspects tied into the OS... it's a waiting game to know for sure though."

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but what load of nonsense son you're spouting son... THE MAJORITY of 8GBs of RAM on a console will be used by the OS? Meanwhile your games maxed out on your PC barely uses half of your 8GBs you say?

Meanwhile in reality land....The PS4 comes equipped with a secondary Processor for Social Aspect such as streaming and download and stuff, as STATE BY SONY.......

Jockamo1627d ago

essentially it would ensure that you could run multiple applications at the same time...maybe even multiple games.

but for it to dramatically affect graphics and/or gameplay? c'mon..

vulcanproject1627d ago

RAM won't even figure much if the Next Xbox has a considerably slower GPU as has been stated.

falcon791627d ago

Your right with S3TC u can essentially turn 1GB TO 4/6GB SO WHO CARES.