Jerry Bruckheimer Games closed

Pirates of the Caribbean producer's game incubation studio no longer moving forward after shipping no products since 2007.

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porkChop1998d ago

They haven't released a single game in 6 years. Nothing announced or even hinted at either. The entire thing went nowhere. I'm surprised it took them this long to shut it down.

Riderz13371998d ago

I had no idea that this even existed...

Soldierone1998d ago

If his new movie bombs, his film studio will be closing soon too.

RememberThe3571998d ago

Yeah, after years and years of massive hits if this next movie bombs, it's over for him.


He's worth damn near a billion dollars by himself, he'll be fine. Besides The Lone Ranger is getting some serious hype, I haven't seen anything that says it'll be anything short of a success. Besides his last movie was the last Pirate of the Caribbean, not exactly a flop (it made over a billion dollars).

Soldierone1998d ago

I'm not saying it will, but a lot of his movies have bombed when they were supposed to be massive for Disney.

Prince of Persia....

Keep doing that and he won't be worth anything, thats how Hollywood works.

SaffronCurse1998d ago

A sad day for the gaming industry.

theDECAY1998d ago

They produced some real classics.